Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bliss of Parenthood

I will be getting a new blog header in the next few will be a donation of my hubby's wonderful talent.
I went to church for the first time this past Sunday. Our pastor has been doing a series on BLISS. Click here for this past week's sermon "The Bliss of Parenthood" based on Psalm 127.
Here is a rundown of what has been going on with us-
Thursday Ben got a photo shoot scheduled for the University of Mobile this coming week and asked me to go with him. Which meant we had to pack all of our things for (the FOUR-count 4!!! NOW) of us Saturday night-we were to leave Sunday after church headed all the way to Mobile.Saturday I woke up to discover i had a UTI along with enormously sore bosoms.I am now on 3 different prescription medicines...Dinner Saturday night was a pre frozen meal during which our oldest began pooping and when asked if he needed to potty ran towards it (hooray!) We thought he was finished so we began cleaning the baby toilet..... as he walked to his room without a diaper. Knox began to fuss, so leaving Ben with toilet duty, i went to comfort the baby...
After comforting the baby i went to empty some food that had overstayed its welcome in the fridge proceeded to drop it in the floor and was cleaning it up when it occurred to me that i never put a diaper back on i ran to his room to discover he had finished his pooping in his bedroom floor and was playing in it with his little toy dog. I walked in and exclaimed "Brennan!" to which he responded "ruff ruff" and held out his doggie..I had to laugh or else i would have lost my sanity.
We immediately put him in the bath even though it was an hour before his bedtime and the bath is part of the bedtime routine. So it took an entire hour for him to go to sleep. I was hurting pretty badly and couldn't even hold the babies or put Brennan to bed. Ben put him to bed like 5 times and ended up packing most of our things. The next morning we had to pack the car before church..we forgot diapers for both kids but other than that we packed it all!
I was so glad that i went to church like i said the sermon could not have come at a better time for our family. Though precious- these babies are not to be the treasure-Christ is. I am enjoying walking down memory lane at our Alma Mater remembering certain little things about Ben and my relationship in the early stages..wheeling Knox around yesterday I kept thinking and thats where we ( fill in the blank ). We met some freinds for dinner at the resteraunt of our first un official date. Brennan is with my parents on the farm having the time of his life. Ben is shooting some fabulous pictures that will help pay our bills for the next few months and i am resting in the hotel and meeting old friends for lunch. It has occurred to me in the last few weeks that with Brennan i felt like this newborn stage was the hardest, but really its one of the easiest. Knox just sleeps and eats & poops & pees.. pretty easy- no big sleep schelule to worry over-just naps when he's tired and eats when he's hungry..ahhh

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here are the promised baby pictures. Isn't he darling?! spoke with a lactation station in Chattanooga earlier in the week about my nursing issues. She told me to pump after every nursing for 10 minutes and apply ice for 10 min after that..(as if anyone had 30-40 minutes just to do this process)
So the first night was pretty sleepless. The second was not much better and i did not feel better during the day. I finished my antibiotic and was STILL in a lot of pain. SO I went in to see my doc yesterday. I am now on 2 other medicines and she thinks its an infection that the baby and I are sharing..
I should be feeling better soon! (Lets hope and pray!!)
Baby Knox is eating well and went 4 hours in the night for the 1st time! He is very different from Brennan. He will eat for like 5-7 minutes and he is done where Brennan would nurse for like 20! Also Knox can be put off a couple of minutes (as much as 30!) when its time to eat if he has his pacy. He seems to be a pretty laid back fellow especially compared to Brennan. BUT I am determined not to be one who compares them in personality- so far all i know is schedules..
I am getting better in the energy department slowly. My house is dirtier than i like it to be and my floors and shower make me cringe, but its okay. They will be here when i get better and my babies will one day be grown and i will miss this stage. 
Speaking of, i went to get us some food off the dollar menu at McD's the other night and every song that came on made me cry-one being "don't blink".. So Mommy friends, lets hold onto these precious sleep deprived nights for one day we will see their tired eyes after their first weeks with a newborn..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

my Firstborn at his best

Here are some pictures of my dear Brennan over the last few weeks..Coming of Baby Knox..

Brennan washing his own hands, face and teeth..
Brennan overtaking our poor dog's bed and laying in it!
Walking his friend Bailey- our part hyper crazy part jealous big sister..the chorkie..
Hinting to dad that our grass needs cutting...


Well since the last post I had my first emotional breakdown. Hopefully it will be the only one this post-pregnancy!  With Brennan I think it was worse..but only Ben could tell you..
The mastitis thing really got to me. I had it twice with Brennan and all they say causes it is stress and lack of sleep. It tells you to avoid both..???????? And how may I ask am I (or any new mother for that matter) to avoid this? A newborn requires nursing every two hours EVERY 24 hours! Thus the lack of sleep (and i already go to bed at 9 or earlier!) And've never done this before. It doesn't matter if its you 19th child EVERY child is an adjustment. Not to mention you are dealing with family and guest who are caring for you by bringing meals or visiting. Last time i got to where i felt like i was stressing out about trying NOT to stress know like..i shouldn't go there or do this i might get stressed...
Its not like you can bury yourself in a whole the first couple of months (though i belief several species of animal does do this...hmm)
My dear, dear friend Mrs. Kay (who DOES exist my sweet katherine!) texted me right in the middle of my 'crisis' and was very caring and kind.
I will not give the entire story, but will simply state that today's sermon (actually it was 2 weeks ago on podcast- i listened on the laptop as i lie in bed this morning) was PERFECT for me. It was entitled the fight for joy. It stated the 5 ways to fight were: 1. scripture (memorize and DWELL on it) 2. prayer-spending time allowing God to make your soul glad 3. companions- surrounding yourself with those who enjoy God 4. self control (BIG ONE FOR ME!) living without allowing emotions to have the authority on your life. 5. patience- allowing time for all of these to take place and the Holy Spirit to develop you into the happiest person anyone has ever known-to the glory of God..
Good sermon. i should preach it to myself often.. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Real World-Sept 9

So things have been going too good to be true. I knew reality would hit before long..I am STILL rejoicing in all the good and know all good things come from above!
I woke up in the night Tuesday feeling a familiar soreness. Around 11 am I began to feel EXTREMELY tired. Like, couldn't wait for Brennan to take a nap so that I could too! Then yesterday afternoon I felt feverish and sure enough had a temp. I called my doc and said this is all too familiar I think i've got mastitis again. Told her the symptoms and she called me in a prescription. I started the antibiotics last night and laid on a heating pad because my back was aching (you feel like you have the flu). I went to bed around 8:30 and had cold chills all night. Brennan fought his second nap pretty hard today and it was time for me to feed Knox so he was crying in the other room while i was reading books to Brennan.
SO friends this is life. But i rejoice that i DID get to take a nap with Brennan this morning. Knox is not up a lot at night-just eats, poops and get changed. Brennan DID go down for his 2nd nap-not without 5 rounds of Old McDonald and some classical music..There is someone bringing dinner tonight so i don't have to be up cooking. AND Ben is coming home before 6pm tonight!! Hooray.
The flu like symptoms were NOT the flu (esp. swine flu!) Thank the LORD! I haven't been out yet, so I couldn't get anything, plus with 2 rounds of this with Brennan- I knew what it was, but rejoicing still!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Babies

Proud Big Brother!
Helping by putting on his hat.

Brennan has done very well adjusting! I have been so proud of him. He loves to "help" take care of him. He is learning to be gentle and he LOVES to give him his "yazy" when he cries. Yesterday was my first day alone with them both and it went extremely well. Brennan took his two naps for me and everything was nice and calm and predictable..Sometimes i wonder if my having Brennan on such a routine is a good thing or not, but we were all happy for some "normalcy".