Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Day in the Life

HOORAY!!!! Brennan and I have been working on potty training. By saying both of us i mean BOTH. At first i had to set a timer to remind myself to ask him if he needs to go then i had the brainy idea that i should just put him on the potty while i go...hmm the stuff i can come up with to methodiize motherhood...a timer??really?? yes. welcome to my OCD-ness and years of training as a teacher whose job was to plan plan plan for success. Yes i used the timer A LOT in the classroom too!
Tonight at dinner Brennan looked at me and said "poo poo" then Ben (having learned from previous experience just how quick this took place) RAN him to the toilet. Brennan then commenced to poop an enormous poop all by himself! (not that anyone can help, but you get what i mean!)
Last Thursday Ben and i had our pastoral interview and on the way home he mentioned his cough was lingering and he wasn't feeling too good (for those of you that didn't know or read the blog-Ben had the flu about a month ago). That night he felt that it was returning and with more fierceness than before..he had a fever and all the symptoms. I tried not to panic and kept myself and the kids away. PRAISE GOD and what an expression of His Grace -we have not gotten it!!!!!!!!!!! I have felt kind of yuck. I ran a fever a little, and have had a teeny sore throat, but not too bad. We have been little cabin feverish though trying not to get sicker by playing in the cold and going out where we are exposed to more or expose others..
My mom headed up this way when she thought i might be getting sick and though i felt fine she came and stayed the day. Knox had his 2 month shots today so she stayed with Brennan for me.
I have been thinking for liek a week now that i couldn't wait to blog and there were 500 things i wanted to say, but now i am so tired that i can't think of til i can.. of the things i wanted to say was that i had to cancel the hair cut last Friday so thats why there is no picture..BUT it IS rescheduled for THIS Friday! HOORAY!

Monday, October 19, 2009

So here it is..

The promised update look to the blog..Yes that is our precious son in the heading!  Ben has been designing some of the cover pics for the sermon series our church has been doing. Go here to learn more about the series on BLISS..
Meanwhile here are a few pictures showing my mommy hood bliss:

War Eagle
Brennan LOVES pimento cheese!
Knox was awoken by his boisterous big brother.
Knox was not enjoying our dinner music.
Story time!
Burr its cold outside! Welcome to winter...lets just skip autumn!
Gotta love that face!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New haircuts

So my sweet little Knoxy (as i have begun to call him to make it sound non-punk-like, haha) LOVES to grab my hair with his milky sticky fingers. He holds on to all things really tight-your shirt, Ben's chest hair, his grandaddy's Auburn Sweatshirt...and BOY does he have a grip!
These facts have confirmed my readiness for a haircut. For over a year now, i have been growing out my hair for Locks of Love (click for more info). I planned on donating my hair when i got it cut when we first married, but didn't. Since i didn't get to run the half marathon for St. Jude the past two years (bc i was pregnant) i was determined to do at least this. You can donate a 6 inch or 10 inch ponytail(..all you have to do is mail it in..) it goes to provide hair replacements for cancer patients. I have had many people in my life that meant a lot to me die of cancer and i saw them go through the painful expereince, all losing their dignity in the sense of hairloss. They hated it and wore their do-rags when they were alone in their homes wondering if it would ever grow back or if they would die first. I also weep everytime i here thesong sara beth by Rascal Flats and think of young girls losing their hair. 
I PRAY THAT HOPELESSNESS DOES NOT HAUNT YOU OR THOSE YOU LOVE, BUT THAT INSTEAD TO DIE IS GAIN! That the release into the eternal presence of a loving GOD is something that you long for. As i was challenged today in a sermon to practice daily a desire & intimacy with God that makes death a consumation of a long awaited union and ultimate satisfaction.
All that said i have researched a few cuts and would love your input on which one best suits me and my face appt is in two weeks so i have time to read through all your thoughts!

Yes, i know they are all very similar...

Friday, October 2, 2009

On the Farm

Brennan LOVED hanging out with his Papa!!
Each morning Brennan went on the walk of animals with my dad to feed them.

This morning was a little chilly so he had to bundle up.

Brennan looking at the wide wide world of the farm

Valentine- the Texas long Horn Cow..Brennan called it the "Boo"

Hot Shot the Horse and all the nameless goats..

A ride on Papa's tractor

A walk in Papa's shoes

Papa with almost all his grandbabies..Knox didn't quite fit in the picture yet..

Dixie shaking Brennan's hand

The "Quack Quacks"

The "Cluck Clucks"

Star-Anna Beth's horse

Do not be mistaken,though all these pictures are with my dad, Brennan built quite the attachment to his Nana as well. In fact he didn't want me to put him down for naps the entire time I was there. He followed her around daily and LOVED her cooking! I'm sure she was ready for a little break once we left. She remembered how taxing a little one (or two) can be. She was a HUGE help to me and it was nice to have some extra hands as well as some extra time to recover and adjust myself to having Baby # 2!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Tiny Trials

Hi everyone! Yes we are still alive..two weeks now with no may have been wondering why.
WELL... the plan was that on our way home from Mobile Ben would drop me and the baby off at my parents. My parents had to be in Athens (where Ben and I live) to do a conference for a pastor friend of ours on Saturday. It had been on the calendar for months..
Ben dropped us and headed on home so that he wasn't missing more days at the office.  The next morning when we talked he said he wasn't feeling too good-a little achy and a cough..That evening when we talked it sounded like flu symptoms so he called our good friend Sam to see what he thought. He said that it sounded like the flu, called him in a prescription and said to quarantine himself for 4-5 days. So long story short, Brennan, Knox and me stayed at my parents an additional week. Brennan had now been on the farm for 10 days straight! He was beginning to need overalls!  I will try to post pics tomorrow he had the time of his life.
Ben is MUCH better. Still a cough, easy fatigue, and headache. NO FEVER though. We are all glad to be home. Ben said he was over feeling like a leper. His dad would bring him food to the back door and leave...he saw no one for about 5 days. That is SO tough. 
Praise God that Ben is feeling better! We pray he continues to strengthen (and that NONE of us get this!)
Brennan has had a significant increase in vocabulary this past week. (Ben says its b/c my mom talks non stop-hehe). Some of his new words are:
Papa (my dad)
Ope (my sister)
Boo (for cow-its supposed to be Moo)
tickle-tickle (from my dad!)
Oh WOW (from my mom)
Quack-Quack (for duck)
Mmm (if the food is good)-[ if you've ever had my moms-you know why he learned this!]
No no (not that he didn't already know this-its just become more adamant)
tity (for Kity)

This is in addition to the 21 words he knew before he left. When the pediatrician asked last visit if he knew at least 5-9 words Ben and I just laughed. What can i say? His Papaw was an auctioneer, his Nana infamous for her ability to talk and me..well I've never really lacked for words.
Knox is doing great! Growing like a weed. I am feeling much better with the whole nursing infections..still not through with my medicine..Its getting old having to medicate after each feed, then air dry..My poor Brennan is probably tired of seeing more of me than i hope he'll remember. Normally walking around topless might seem exotic, but not when you are often dripping with milk!! Not to mention that one of the things they told me might help me rid of the infection was to not wear deodorant..i feel like a juggle African woman-just strap my papoose to my back and give me couple of weird piercings.. haha..I did get to get our and take the boys on a walk today, because it has been cool and i wouldn't get too sweaty. So another Praise God for that! I'm ready to loose the flabby belly that hasn't gone away since Brennan was born..I feel like I've been prego or nursing for 2 years now..WAIT I HAVE!! Ha..just think of those saints who were one or the other for like 10-15 years! Wow! Saints for sure!
For now, i must go to sleep, for a 3-4 hour stretch of blissful rest!