Monday, April 13, 2009

Homemade Bread-to bake or not to bake?

Hi friends. Okay, i know that I have at least 6 followers and i need all of your help on this one.  I have seriously contemplated making homemade sour dough bread. As a child it was a favorite treat when one of the elderly ladies in our church brought by a loaf. My mom saw how much we loved it and began to make it herself. It is quite the process and includes having the goo grow in your fridge. 
However, when i was home for Easter. I made my first "cook off" with my mom's guidance. It was a success. Now i am just trying to figure the cost. She said my most expensive item would be the bread flour (around $3 a bag) and potato flakes ($1). The other items you usually keep on hand, like: salt, sugar, oil, water.. If you figure up buying all the ingredients (as if you had none of them) you come to the rough estimate of $20 a month added cost to the grocery bill. I would be selling the loaves at $5 a loaf each week. A cook off makes 3 large loaves or two large, two mini loaves (which i would flavor -a sugar & spice loaf and a garlic loaf) [added minimal cost b/c i keep cinnamon and garlic on hand] Mini loaves would be priced at $3 a loaf.. So i would shoot for making four loaves (2 lg/2 mini) at a total possible profit of $16 a week or $65 a month. 
If i doubled the cook offs by having another cup of starter, i could double the profit to roughly $130 a month. Subtract the total cost of $20 added to grocery bill for flour and flakes, my total profit would be $110. However if i just did regular cook offs with one cup i would only be clearing $45 a month which would not really be worth the work right?
Thus my dillema. I have been so excited about this little brainstorm, but now i am wondering if it is such the great idea. ?? The work is not all that much-mix. allow to sit. knead.  allow to rise. bake. butter. bag. You know?
I would only be marketing to three schools in this area. I was going to set up bags (with the cute little stickers Ben is going to design) [which reminds me thats an added, uncalculated cost...umm..] with a sample loaf for two weeks. Then i was going to begin taking orders a week in advance so that i would know how much to cook. And delivering to the schools on Fridays (thinking thats when people would have a special occasion or even that they might want it for).
So friends..please, PLEASE...i need your thoughts, suggestions, ideas!!! ANY comment is welcome!!!!