Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home Organization

My friend Laura Beth asked on her blog about how to stay "on top" of things. I by no means claim to be an expert on this, we are just all sharing ideas, and yours are welcome as well!
Since being at home is my job now, i have had to take to doing things a little more on purpose in the area of organizing and planning schedules.  I try always to have the proper mentality by asking "What is eternal?"
Let me share what i mean: One morning recently Brennan got up and things got going. I cooked breakfast for all of us. Changed his clothes in doing so began looking around the house at all that needed to be done. So i immediately i got to work cleaning. As i was mopping my floor i felt like i heard God ask me "what is eternal?" "will it matter if your floors are clean in eternity?" Of course the answer is no. And the bigger question was "Had i made spending time with Him, listening to Him speak through His Word and gotten His Order for the day?" NO i had not. 
After spending time in what mattered most, i then made my list of things that needed to be done that day and then that week (it was Monday).  It was amazing what i got done that day. I do not say this as its like a magic trick that you must do to be able to say TA DA at the end of the day and its all done. But what NEEDED to get done that day did.
Now, for things that help me. As i posted in later posts i had days of the week that i do certain things (i.e. mopping Monday etc). Which gives me small do-able priorities and allows me to get the entire house cleaned each week. I also meet with three different girls during the week on their lunch hour (they work & go to school). One of them I am discipling, one we are kind of "walking together" weekly discussing His Word, and the other is my accountability partner. i consider this and precious time spent with my son and husband as eternal too, b/c I feel those relationships can have an eternal impact. 
Believe it or not, life as a stay at home mom can become in need of a great deal of scheduling. I am posting pictures of what i asked for this Christmas that has really helped me be organized.