Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Unseen Stories

I have a friend I would like to help; I would also like your help (if you want to help). Allison White has become a dear friend to Ben & I. She works full-time at Camp Living Stones ( This summer she is traveling to Benin, Africa with an NGO called Unseen Stories, for the purpose of educating people throughout the entire country about child trafficking, the dangers, how to protect their children, etc. A full-length documentary is currently being developed for viewing in the U.S. The movie trailer & info on Unseen Stories is below.

Ben & I have committed to helping her see this trip through by way of raising awareness, prayer, & financial support. How can you help? The most practical way to help is to purchase a ticket ($8) for a dinner she is hosting at Camp Living Stones on Thursday, April 30 at 6:00pm. That evening will be a wonderful time to hear more information about human trafficking & the work that exists in taking action against it. Plus, you will be able to meet Sarah & Jen, the founders of Unseen Stories, who are making the trip up for the dinner. Please let me know if you would like to purchase a ticket as your contribution helps make this trip possible.

Unseen Stories exists to raise awareness of need and injustice in the world through the production of documentary films that inspire change by providing individuals with clear pathways to take action.

Unseen Stories goals are:
  • To tell the stories of trafficked children in Benin, raising both national and international awareness of this atrocity and those who are working to combat it.
  • To mobilize individuals and groups within both the US and Benin to action by providing clear pathways to become involved.
  • To help catalyze sustainable change in the country of Benin by aiding in bringing an end to child trafficking.

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