Monday, April 27, 2009


A great quote from this weekend was "If my marriage is not about something greater than me-it will essentially end up being only about me"
Two other things that greatly challenged me were: 
1.) Am I constantly thinking on & talking about the goodness of God? The verse in Philipians that tells us to dwell of praiseworthy things has always been vague to me. Here is a great way to apply that verse. Daily speak aloud (maybe to your hubby at dinner..) Isn't God good to _______?

The lady teaching pointed out that most men are not aware of God's activity as much as they are their own sin or shortcomings. So what better way to encourage our men and put THEIR minds on  praiseworthy things?!

2.) Listen to topics that repeatedly come up in conversation with your husband. Whether it be a concern, or an interest (say..canoeing:) Take great interest in this topic. Draw out more info about it. Ask great questions like "I've noticed you bring up ___ a lot. Is there something bothering you about that? Is there a way I can help?" (then refer to above thoughts)
If its something like bungy jumping or in my case canoe trips, make a purpose to plan a specific time or make a goal as to when he or the both of you can do that together!

I hope this helps. Please share any thoughts or other things that YOU do to encourage your hubby!