Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freezer Fundamentals

I have found two new useful blogs. Check them out: hyper homemaker and adventures in frugal living. They are on my blog links. 
I promised a friend i would post this and Brennan is napping so i must be quick so that i can also get a shower!
This is taken from Real Simple of my faves!
  • Use containers or wraps made for freezing. It is the only stuff that can withstand the chill and retain flavor.
  • If you freeze bread or bagels slice before you freeze
  •  Squeeze out excess air
  • Wait for hot foods to cool first
  • Berries
  • casseroles
  • eggs (out of shell and beaten)
  • cooked pancakes and waffles
  • cakes
  • nuts
  • firm cheeses (not grated)
  • fruit
  •  It is better to thaw ALL foods overnight in the fridge
  • remember meat eggs and diary should never get below 40 degrees until being cooked (beware of microwave defrosts)
  • shrimp (in & out of the package) should always be thawed under cool water-not hot. This goes for most seafood
  • if foods are frozen flat, it makes for an easier thaw (i.e. soups, sauces, broths-freeze lying flat and 'defrost' in a sink or bowl of warm to hot water
Hope this was helpful. I know it was for me as i prepared meals for when Brennan came home from the hospital and i couldn't really cook. When i was a nanny the family had a big cooking spree regularly and froze several meals for later use..i thinnk there is a whole book on how to do that...anyway..happy freezing!