Monday, May 4, 2009

How I got my summer TAN



Okay as silly as this my sound, I have never been a bronze beauty. I have ALWAYS wanted to have a tan year round. It boosts my confidence. I am a sun-a-holic once summer hits, but there's always that first donning of the swimsuit (or shorts, a dress w/o hose, sandals, sleeveless..) In high school there was a failed attempt at self tanner. I didn't have a good product or good technique. 

Last summer, Brennan was born in May and was too tiny to be out in the June/July/August heat for me to lay out, besides, i was nursing and i didn't seem to have that whole chedule down enough to get a break long enough to steal some rays. So THIS spring, i am like super-ultra WHITE. As you know, i am also prego, so NO tanning bed for me (not to mention that i was totally convicted about that with the whole your-body-is a temple..[so lets micorwave it?! NO!] )

I found TWO great products that i wanted to share with my white-protect-your-skin-from- cancer-and-still-have-a-tan,  friends.


They are pictured above. Coppertone costs 7.99 at Publix and Loreal costs 9.99 at CVS.. CVS doesn't carry Coppertone.

My mom-n-law went to cosmotoglogy school and has a few tips for making it look its best:

  • before your first application use an exfoliating scrub ALL over getting rid of old, dry skin
  • after you shower (and shave) cover yourself in a deep mosturizer such as baby oil or body cream [this allows for all teh dry spots like ankles, knees, elbows and feet
  • THEN apply the self tanner all over-everywhere your bathing suit won't cover, including your face and neck
  • to apply to your back (if your hubby doesn't want to rub you down) squirt a small amount onto saran wrap and rub back and forth as if you were drying your back with a towel.
ENJOY your summer like tan- i have gotten several comments on my tan. Even Ben thinks it looks great! i just wish someone had told me about this sooner!