Friday, May 22, 2009

vacation-oh friends!!

Okay if you are reading this blog, you probably know me pretty well. So i need you to make me laugh about what i am about to write, to make me appreciate what i do have, to be joyful in all circumstances, to...make lemonade...
For a year now, i have been tucking back any little money i could to save for a vacation.
We decided to plan our OWN vacation this year-alone. Before baby #2 comes. All plans were made. We got a great deal on a beach cottage in Santa Rosa Beach (b/t Seaside & Destin) b/c it was before memorial day weekend. Brennan was going to stay with his Nana and Papa (my mom & dad) for 2 nights and then join us for two days at the beach..
DA DA DA DUMM... Thursday night 12 a.m. Brennan starts crying. I walk in pick him up and as i am he pukes. EVERYWHERE. on himself, me, the crib, the sheets, the rug, the dry clean only bumper pads.. I clean him up. Ben changes the sheets and cleans up throw up.
3 a.m. same thing..and 4 and 5.
He didn't throw up for 3 hours and we thought it would just pass, so we continue with plans and head to my parents. However, he threw up twice in the car...
We canceled the little 'party' we had planned with my family, but Hope and her kiddos stayed to at least say hello...Brennan seemed to feel fine so teh next morning, we left for the beach.
It was rainy, windy and cold, but our hopes were high. I awoke in our precious little honeymoon cottage at 12 throwing up..the entire next day it was windy and cool. My nausea continued through the day. That night Ben & i tried to enjoy a dinner on the beach. He awoke the next morning sick...
I will refrain from all details..but we DID have one last day to spend together both feeling well. Brennan did not get to come down to the beach b/c my mom got too sick to travel with him. The virus spread to my whole family..but we are home now and EVERYONE is feeling better PRAISE THE LORD!!! I had some pretty bad sunburn from falling asleep in the sun for an hour..and some swelling form the travel..
I am still looking for ways to count my blessings about the whole please point out God's goodness to me dear friends!!!