Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A timely post

I have been following the girltalk blog for almost a year now. It has blessed me in many ways and discipled me on more than one occasion. Here is part of a recent post that i think is a PERFECT response to the previous post about my disaster vacation!

...What is your burden today? They come in countless shapes and sizes—from clingy colds (& stomach virus!) to crushing cares. But one thing’s for sure: our idols cannot bear their load. Leisure and escape don’t provide true rest. Sinful anger cannot relieve the pressure. Even friends are not strong enough to bear up under their full weight.

But have we forgotten? We have been borne by Christ since birth. He carried us from the womb and will not stop even when we are old and bent and gray. He alone has borne the full weight of our sin, and He alone can bear the burdens of life in a sinful world.

He doesn’t pop in once a week or every month to relieve us of our heavy load. Daily, everyday, today, He promises to bear us up.  He will carry and he will save. Today. So big or small, let’s cast our burdens on Him. God is our salvation.

To read the rest of the post click here.  I strongly encourage you to follow this blog..it WILL bless you!