Friday, June 5, 2009

5 years!!


So here we are 5 years and almost two babies later!!!

Ben and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary today and it has truly been a surprising, wonderful, blissful journey!!!  I will quickly recap some of our funny and favorite moments that i have been told could make a book:

  1. On our one year anniversary, we went to the freezer and opened the little box of our frozen wedding topper that my mom had saved (according to a tradition that i knew nothing of-i'm a throw away-er not a keeper of strange things like this..) So after our lovely meal of steak and baked potatoes (cooked on our "illegal" grill in seminary housing) we decided to try the frozen treat...only to find as we cut into it that it was made COMPLETELY of cardboard!!!
  2. Not long after this out of sheer love and desire to please my new husband, i got a GREAT recipe out of a magazine. I knew Ben LOVED ranch doritoes & chicken so it seemed perfect (you were to 'batter' the chicken in the crushed doritoes.) So i followed the directions, as i told Ben later, "to a T"...when he cut into his chicken it practically layed an egg it was so we went to the recipe..which said to use PRE- COOKED chicken breast!! Woops..we ordered a Little Caesar's $5 pizza.
  3. In the second year of our marriage, we decided to go to a local vacation spot (remember we lived in Mississippi) so we had his mom book us at a 'resort' in Hot Springs Arkansas.  We planned to celebrate our anniversary there. We were to stay one night alone and then our good friends were to join us for the next two nights. As we pull in to this legendary " "Hot Spot" we don't see much..some pretty buildings and a lake..According to the localist you must get in the Hot Springs and do the full treatment massage..sounds romantic right?? We go in to the ancient 'hotel' sign up for the couples massage and are immediately wisked away SEPERATELY to un-air conditioned rooms, told to strip, wrapped in a sheet and i was told by Helga to lie down as she beat my back and rubbed my sun burned legs..Meanwhile Ben is equally vandalized by skinny -not-so-straight-guy who is super hairy..
  4. The third year was redemptive as we celebrated at Disney!! Our good friend who works at the Safari Park recommeded a top class resteraunt, had the ticket paid for and desert 'compliments of the chef' follow was the parade of lights at night around the castle and fireworks at midnight as "When you wish upon a star" playing in the doesn't get more romantic than that!!!
  5. And last, but not least is our trip to the beach this year..if you haven't read the story, then lets just say it fits in more with # 1-3!! However, we did have a joyous Wednesday this week as we 'celebrated' early by having a sitter and going to our churches couples care proved very beneficial and grew us closer to one more at Ben's blog here.
Have a blessed marriage my friends and may your stories be ones you can laugh at!!