Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moofest 2009

This year's flavor winner is..
Hi guys! Joy Baldwin Finch, the ice cream lover of all times, could not have moved to a better town!! I live in the town where you get to sample free ice cream and vote on your favorite flavor! I get to have a say in what goes in your stores! Hooray for Moofest day! 
Last year i had a 2 week old baby and couldn't stand on my feet for long, so i missed out. This year, however, it was a family event I didn't get to capture the grandeur of it all, but did manage to get Brennan's pics while enjoying the petting zoo they had set up. There were GINORMOUS cows everywhere and Brennan kept pointing and going MOO!!  It was great! We shared some sugar free vanilla so that he wouldn't be so hyped up before bed! 
I wish you all could have been there! It was a blast!

Umm Watermelon!