Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Teacher & Preacher turned Photographer & Baker

I didn't realize so many of my friends were so behind on our little life so i am going to try to briefly update you. You can read about some of what God did in our lives to move us away from full time ministry here.  
We are having a huge growth spurt in our lives together right now. Ben has served on staff at a church for the last 10 years. Remember, too, that he became a believer only as a junior in high school. The first years of his salvation were spent at the University of Mobile being discipled by religion professors. Then after a not-so-happily-ever-after expereince at seminary he began full time service.  It was a struggle for years. Daily he would come home questioning his work, his calling. He never seemed to enjoy it and would often feel unsure about everything he did.
On the other hand, I was loving what i was doing every day. Unable to understand and offer much counsel or encouragement, i was teaching 2nd grade and driving to work everyday thinking "I've wanted to do this my whole life!" 
Even as we moved here, Ben, though happier, still struggled with satisfaction with God and his work. We prayed about missions, about other work..and God opened doors. In the meantime,we got pregnant with Brennan. My last day of work was May 9 and Brennan was born May 10! I couldn't imagine leaving Brennan when August came and we had saved all 4 years so that i could stay home with him. 
SOOOOO...Ben resigned his church position, went full force into starting his own business (The Visible Group and took off with his photography ( I emerged slowly from my just-had-a-baby world and began tutoring a little and started my own little business called "Loaves of Joy"-which is the name for my homemade sourdough bread..(for all of you who knew my mom's bread so well-its the same stuff, i just also do flavored loaves-a cinnamon & a garlic..)
So there is the update: new occupations, new identities and new found loves and fulfillment! Neither of us are using our college degrees at the moment and most people would say that is a waste, but i'm really beginning to wonder..
How do you feel? Anyone else out there not working in your 'field of study'?