Friday, June 19, 2009

A penny saved...

Money stacks.jpg

Being that i am not "working" right now, the old 'a penny saved is a penny earned' means more to me.  The way i am "making" money right now is by not using as much of i am going to share some small ways that i have 'cut back' and i would LOVE to hear back from you on ways to save.
May i preface this by mentioning that my mom never "went" green..she was ALWAYS that way, so i have a great example on how to be economically cautious..
  • NO eating out unless traveling and its absolutely neccessary.
  • Cutting and hunting down coupons like a mad woman and doubling them.
  • Buying ONLY what is on the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for the week when buying groceries which means:
  • Cutting out "treats" at the grocery store-unless i have a pay next to nothing coupon for them.
  • Hang all clothes to dry (except the absolutely would look like a wad if i did), thus saving on dryer expenses.
  • Taking shorter showers.
  • Not turning on lights in the house during the day (sun-up till around 7)
  • Letting my hair air dry for the most part and drying only when its almost already dry.
  • Turning the AC up a notch a week until we adjusted to warmer
  • Baking everything at one time- instead of running the oven multiple times..
  • Catching rain in a bucket to water out tomato and pepper plants
So thats about it. I've had a yard sale, sold unused books and am planning to take some of Ben's super nice used men's clothes to consignment..
Any more suggestions?