Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finch Family Hike

This past Saturday Ben and i had " calendared" a canoe trip to one of our favorite hiking trails that is just beside a creek.
The wagoneer did not quite have its "canoe rack" ready so we decided to load up the Jeep and go on a hiking trip, a picnic and a trip to the Amish market.
We got a DELICOIUS watermelon, two cucumbers and a LARGE tomato at the market and Brennan got to see the horses.
Then we took our picnic to the creek and Ben loaded Brennan on his hiking backpack and off we went, wondering if we would ever make it to the top with us each having extra "baggage". Well folks, me 8 months prego and Ben with 30+ pounds on his back went ALL the way to the top! At times it was straight up and the only thing to grab was tree roots, but succeed we did indeed!!!!!
Click here to see pictures from the top..