Thursday, July 16, 2009


When I first got married I had no idea what items I needed to have "on hand" in my kitchen at all times. I didn't know what "staples" to buy each time I went to the grocery. And on more than one occasion my husband came home to me sitting on the kitchen floor crying because I didn't know what to cook for dinner.
I was highly intimidated by all the fancy cookbooks I had received as wedding presents and I NEVER had all those ingredients. To add to my frustration, my mother had always had dinner on the table when my dad arrive home from work and all the dishes were always "done" at the same time.
I knew how to cook about three things and every time I tried something new, it had a pretty major flaw.

This site is dedicated to newly married couples searching for easy meals and moms who are ultra busy and need some quick meals. Every time I have googled or searched for "easy"  meals, I think to myself "easy for who?" and "who has these ingredients lying around?"

So a few things about this site:
  • the goal is to have a happy cook and a happy kitchen..
  • the meals posted here will always be simple 
  • the posts are to be helpful and give tips to beginner kitchens
  • this site hopes to address questions and give solutions to everyday living in the kitchen

The new Nursery

My cousin had here tubes tied after her last one and this was the furniture that she was getting rid of. It happened to match PERFECTLY and it was FREE!!!

The baby bed...The 'theme' if there is one, is trees..
Here is what the room looks like without being able to see the baby stuff.