Monday, August 3, 2009


I go to the doctor again tomorrow, so I don't really know why I am updating today..However, lots of you have called or emailed to check on, what I learned last time was that the fluid levels were fine. My AF level when they were concerned was 9.6. Around delivery it shoud be around 10 or higher for safety. That is why they were concerned. It was 14 this past time and everything looked great. My BP and weight have been wonderful throughout the pregnancy and I am so thankful! Praise God, Giver of all Good!
The ultrasound tech is so kind and so is my doctor. The tech clicked on the 4D and let me see his little face..she printed out the pictures. I'm not sure if I could scan them in to share, but they are so precious! It was good of God to allow for me to see little Benjamin's face with his lips and tiny nose and get this..his tongue sticking out on one of them! Maybe he should go by Knox. (For those of you wondering, we have been struggling with Benjamin's middle name and if he should go by it-or Benjamin, b/c of having 2 Bens..I kept telling Ben that when I picture a kid named Knox that I see him with his hat on backwards kicking people in the shins..) HAHA!! So when he stuck out his tongue at us in the ultrasound I was like "Knox it is!"  He has been a lot more mobile in the womb and I am wondering if he is going to be a lot more 'high energy' than Brennan. If so, I will need your prayers. And we are also praying that Brennan will adjust well to having this little bundle around! Thank you all for praying and I can tell the time is getting close!


This morning i found myself going nuts. I swept and mopped the entire house (a mopping Monday ritual). But there was something weird. I had to change the water out more than usual and I move ALL the furniture around to mop under it. Then, I commenced to Clorox-clean up my entire kitchen cabinets, doors, handles, the fridge, oven...and it was like i HAD to. It was compulsive...then it hit me-I'M NESTING..its getting close..last week i actually ironed Ben's shorts..for fun! I had 'done' everything i knew to do. I found this article in Parenting Weekly and found it timely, appropriate and comforting! At least I didn't go as overboard as some of these nesting women..

~The nesting urge can also be seen as a sign of the onset of labor when it occurs close to 40 weeks of pregnancy. Nesting brings about some unique and seemingly irrational behaviors in pregnant women and all of them experience it differently. Women have reported throwing away perfectly good sheets and towels because they felt the strong need to have "brand new, clean" sheets and towels in their home. They have also reported doing things like taking apart the knobs on kitchen cupboards, just so they could disinfect the screws attached to the knobs. Women have discussed taking on cleaning their entire house, armed with a toothbrush. There seems to be no end to the lengths a nesting mother will go to prepare for her upcoming arrival. This unusual burst of energy is responsible for women ironing anything in the house that couldn't out run them. Being preoccupied with ant killing, squishing them one at a time for weeks on end. Packing and unpacking the labor bag 50 times. Cleaning the kitchen cupboards and organizing everything by size to the point that you make sure the silverware patterns match when it's stacked in the cutlery drawer. Sorting the baby's clothes over and over again is a favorite theme. Taking them out of the drawers and re-folding them, putting them away and doing it over and over again. Nesting will provide interesting stories for years to come. Nesting can be one of the more humorous aspects of pregnancy. One that you and your partner are sure to laugh about in the years to come. No one can pull you out of it no matter how silly your behavior may seem. It simply becomes something that you must do!