Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Going to the Doctor again tomorrow..no changes. Feeling great! Everyone said that they felt bad for me to be pregnant in the heat of this summer, but it has been a surprisingly, delightful mild summer.
I believe they will check for dialation tomorrow since I am 38 weeks. My doctor said last time i was there that she doesn't think it will happen before the 17th..So we will see. 
I delivered at 39 with Brennan.  I am not feeling like its going to happen today or tomorrow, I have even had a release of the constant pressure I had been experiencing, which some say is a sure sign we are getting super close..I don't remember feeling this great at the end with Brennan, but every pregnancy is different.
I have had a weird locking-like muscle feeling in my..um..butt..Its like it goes numb on one side and it hurts to take a step..maybe he like moves to where he is on a nerve or something..I'm not worried, its just kind of funny I have a dead-leg when that happens. Anyone else had anything like this?
I'll let everyone know if  find out anything exciting or newsworthy tomorrow! For now enjoy these pictures of my sweet little helper. He's gonna do great when the new baby comes!

ooo that's heavy! He says! The Dust buster..what would i do without it?
Check out that hard work look on his face!
He went all over the house with the Swiffer! Thanks Little man!
Does loading yourself count as helping??

gotta love this face: