Thursday, August 13, 2009

The update we've all been waiting for..

So my doctor checked yesterday and I had dialated one centimeter. She said that if I had not gone into labor on my own that by my appointment next week we would see if I had progressed a good bit further. 
If so she said that we might want to go ahead and induce on Thursday of next week before he got much bigger. (since Brennan was delivered at week 39 and weighed 8.2) Next week is week 39 and she doesn't want me tearing really bad again (b/c of a big baby) or to have another unpleasant delivery. 
She said that my cervix is "mushy"..meaning that it will dialate quickly and easily. She said it starts off hard like the tip of your nose and softens like a 'ripe' fruit...lovely imagery! Anyway.. that's the deal..
I don't really know how i feel about inducing. Many of my friends have gone through the expereince of being induced at like a 3 and then they eventually break the water (causing pain and therefore an early epideral) if you don't progress quick enough . If you have gone "too" long with your water broken and are not delivering then they start talking c-section...This has been the expereince of many of my girl i am HIGHLY apprehensive and pray that my body does its thing..Either b/t now and next Wednesday when i go back or that next week if i haven't progressed much that we wait another week and trust he won't get "too big"..So prayers dear friends..God knows when he will come! 
Any thoughts or positive stories of induction are welcome!