Monday, August 17, 2009


THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT!!! What comfort, just to hear from others.
Well Saturday Ben, Brennan, Amy (Ben's sis) and our nephews went on a little trail through the woods at Travis and Amy's. We got halfway through and the boys were irritable, so Ben went and got a golf cart to take us the rest of the way down the trail.
We thought between the mini-hike, a bumpy golf cart ride and some other home 'remedies' might speed things up. 
I woke up yesterday morning and as I was getting ready for church water came out. Not a HUGE gush, but enough for me to know it wasn't pee. I got off the toilet and it happened again..twice. Then on the way to church (we drive 40 minutes) the contractions began. They weren't painful and were abut 10 minutes apart. I thought to myself, well with Brennan contractions started at 8:30am and I didn't have him til 11:30pm so why not go on with things as normal? At church they stopped for a while then picked back up at 5 minutes apart. They stopped for a bit on the way home and later in the afternoon got 2 minutes apart. (I'm thinking--yea!~!we're about to have this baby!) Then they would stop and I would go like 20 minutes to an hour in between. All our stuff was ready in case it happened in the night. 
I awoke with some pretty strong contractions in the night, but nothing consistent. And today NOTHING! Went for about a 2 mile walk with Brennan and just got in. Feeling good. I am just going to thank God that I do feel so good. Thank Him for a healthy, active little baby and trust that He knows when this baby will be here and surrender to His plan for his birth.  
I am beginning to be more open to the induction story and will pray that God gives absolute peace and clarity on Wednesday when I have to make the decision!