Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update # Bizillion

Hey everyone! Well, I had not progressed when I went yesterday. Still a one. So we are waiting until next week. My doctor is going camping in Helen GA this weekend and leaves Friday night and returns Sunday around 2. So she said hopefully he will come before she leaves or after she gets back!
Otherwise, I have an appointment for next Tuesday if he has not come she will either stretch me or strip my membranes which will most likely send me into labor within a matter of hours or at least a day or so. So that means by next Thursday he will be here! HURRAY! 
I supported her decision not to "force" an induction when I was only at one cm. She said she could go ahead and do it, but she feels it would be better to let my body do the work on its own. I agree! So the waiting continues. My "spirits" are up and down. Sometimes I am anxious and want to do all the natural inducers..sometimes I am happy to have another day to rest! HA..anyway. God is faithfully encouraging me in His Word and giving me mercy and peace each moment! Thanks for praying!