Saturday, August 29, 2009


I had my regular Dr appt on Tuesday at 3pm. I had begun to have steady contractions around 12, so i took Brennan to Mother's Day out and called Ben to go with me to the doctor, but still recognized  it could be nothing so i would just wait and see. Then right before time to leave, I thought- I really think this is it..lets pack the car just in case.
I had some mean contractions waiting in the doctor's office and had the guts to turn off the tv that was blarring in the waiting area. Ben was like uh..should we be here or the hospital? The doctor came in and checked me and was like "whoa-you are at 5 cm-we need to get you to the hospital and get your epideral. I will be there in a few minutes to check you and break your water, then this baby is gonna be here"
Uh..i cannot, i mean cannot explain to you the difference in this time and last. PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD, AND ONE MORE THANK YOU JESUS FOR ALL THINGS GOOD!!!!!!
I got to the hospital and checked in the room. I answered all the questions and the anesthesiologist came in and explained the epideral could die, be paralyzed etc....i got a little freaked out b/c at the point in which i got the epideral last time i heard nothing but my own screams of writhing pain..and didn't care, felt like i was dying anyway.
She had an emergency c-section she was scurried off to and my doc came by to see how i was. She did not check me b/c she said it could induce me further and she didn't want to do that until i had some meds.
Then they put that epideral in and i immediately stopped feeling the contractions which i would say were at about 1/4 the pain i was in with Brennan. So i was like man this is different! After the epideral my doctor came in and broke my water and said i will be back in 45 minutes, my 15 year old doesn't think he knows how to cook himself a meal.
I began to feel my contractions about an hour later and Ben said that i should tell the nurse, so i did and she checked me and said-put your legs together, we've got to get the doctor here, the baby is right there.
In moments Dr. hunter arrived and said to start pushing. I pushed 3 sets of 3 and he was here! It was amazing and unbelieavable and beautiful. I was able to appreciate the beauty of his little life happening -coming into this world. I kept thanking God for being to gracious to me through this birth!! 
I will update soon with how Brennan is adjusting-please pray about that for us. My mom is here until Monday and Ben's mom will be staying Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support(and meals!!!)
To God be the Glory for all these great things!!!!!
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