Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Real World-Sept 9

So things have been going too good to be true. I knew reality would hit before long..I am STILL rejoicing in all the good and know all good things come from above!
I woke up in the night Tuesday feeling a familiar soreness. Around 11 am I began to feel EXTREMELY tired. Like, couldn't wait for Brennan to take a nap so that I could too! Then yesterday afternoon I felt feverish and sure enough had a temp. I called my doc and said this is all too familiar I think i've got mastitis again. Told her the symptoms and she called me in a prescription. I started the antibiotics last night and laid on a heating pad because my back was aching (you feel like you have the flu). I went to bed around 8:30 and had cold chills all night. Brennan fought his second nap pretty hard today and it was time for me to feed Knox so he was crying in the other room while i was reading books to Brennan.
SO friends this is life. But i rejoice that i DID get to take a nap with Brennan this morning. Knox is not up a lot at night-just eats, poops and get changed. Brennan DID go down for his 2nd nap-not without 5 rounds of Old McDonald and some classical music..There is someone bringing dinner tonight so i don't have to be up cooking. AND Ben is coming home before 6pm tonight!! Hooray.
The flu like symptoms were NOT the flu (esp. swine flu!) Thank the LORD! I haven't been out yet, so I couldn't get anything, plus with 2 rounds of this with Brennan- I knew what it was, but rejoicing still!