Sunday, September 13, 2009

my Firstborn at his best

Here are some pictures of my dear Brennan over the last few weeks..Coming of Baby Knox..

Brennan washing his own hands, face and teeth..
Brennan overtaking our poor dog's bed and laying in it!
Walking his friend Bailey- our part hyper crazy part jealous big sister..the chorkie..
Hinting to dad that our grass needs cutting...


Well since the last post I had my first emotional breakdown. Hopefully it will be the only one this post-pregnancy!  With Brennan I think it was worse..but only Ben could tell you..
The mastitis thing really got to me. I had it twice with Brennan and all they say causes it is stress and lack of sleep. It tells you to avoid both..???????? And how may I ask am I (or any new mother for that matter) to avoid this? A newborn requires nursing every two hours EVERY 24 hours! Thus the lack of sleep (and i already go to bed at 9 or earlier!) And've never done this before. It doesn't matter if its you 19th child EVERY child is an adjustment. Not to mention you are dealing with family and guest who are caring for you by bringing meals or visiting. Last time i got to where i felt like i was stressing out about trying NOT to stress know like..i shouldn't go there or do this i might get stressed...
Its not like you can bury yourself in a whole the first couple of months (though i belief several species of animal does do this...hmm)
My dear, dear friend Mrs. Kay (who DOES exist my sweet katherine!) texted me right in the middle of my 'crisis' and was very caring and kind.
I will not give the entire story, but will simply state that today's sermon (actually it was 2 weeks ago on podcast- i listened on the laptop as i lie in bed this morning) was PERFECT for me. It was entitled the fight for joy. It stated the 5 ways to fight were: 1. scripture (memorize and DWELL on it) 2. prayer-spending time allowing God to make your soul glad 3. companions- surrounding yourself with those who enjoy God 4. self control (BIG ONE FOR ME!) living without allowing emotions to have the authority on your life. 5. patience- allowing time for all of these to take place and the Holy Spirit to develop you into the happiest person anyone has ever known-to the glory of God..
Good sermon. i should preach it to myself often..