Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here are the promised baby pictures. Isn't he darling?! spoke with a lactation station in Chattanooga earlier in the week about my nursing issues. She told me to pump after every nursing for 10 minutes and apply ice for 10 min after that..(as if anyone had 30-40 minutes just to do this process)
So the first night was pretty sleepless. The second was not much better and i did not feel better during the day. I finished my antibiotic and was STILL in a lot of pain. SO I went in to see my doc yesterday. I am now on 2 other medicines and she thinks its an infection that the baby and I are sharing..
I should be feeling better soon! (Lets hope and pray!!)
Baby Knox is eating well and went 4 hours in the night for the 1st time! He is very different from Brennan. He will eat for like 5-7 minutes and he is done where Brennan would nurse for like 20! Also Knox can be put off a couple of minutes (as much as 30!) when its time to eat if he has his pacy. He seems to be a pretty laid back fellow especially compared to Brennan. BUT I am determined not to be one who compares them in personality- so far all i know is schedules..
I am getting better in the energy department slowly. My house is dirtier than i like it to be and my floors and shower make me cringe, but its okay. They will be here when i get better and my babies will one day be grown and i will miss this stage. 
Speaking of, i went to get us some food off the dollar menu at McD's the other night and every song that came on made me cry-one being "don't blink".. So Mommy friends, lets hold onto these precious sleep deprived nights for one day we will see their tired eyes after their first weeks with a newborn..