Friday, October 2, 2009

On the Farm

Brennan LOVED hanging out with his Papa!!
Each morning Brennan went on the walk of animals with my dad to feed them.

This morning was a little chilly so he had to bundle up.

Brennan looking at the wide wide world of the farm

Valentine- the Texas long Horn Cow..Brennan called it the "Boo"

Hot Shot the Horse and all the nameless goats..

A ride on Papa's tractor

A walk in Papa's shoes

Papa with almost all his grandbabies..Knox didn't quite fit in the picture yet..

Dixie shaking Brennan's hand

The "Quack Quacks"

The "Cluck Clucks"

Star-Anna Beth's horse

Do not be mistaken,though all these pictures are with my dad, Brennan built quite the attachment to his Nana as well. In fact he didn't want me to put him down for naps the entire time I was there. He followed her around daily and LOVED her cooking! I'm sure she was ready for a little break once we left. She remembered how taxing a little one (or two) can be. She was a HUGE help to me and it was nice to have some extra hands as well as some extra time to recover and adjust myself to having Baby # 2!