Sunday, October 11, 2009

New haircuts

So my sweet little Knoxy (as i have begun to call him to make it sound non-punk-like, haha) LOVES to grab my hair with his milky sticky fingers. He holds on to all things really tight-your shirt, Ben's chest hair, his grandaddy's Auburn Sweatshirt...and BOY does he have a grip!
These facts have confirmed my readiness for a haircut. For over a year now, i have been growing out my hair for Locks of Love (click for more info). I planned on donating my hair when i got it cut when we first married, but didn't. Since i didn't get to run the half marathon for St. Jude the past two years (bc i was pregnant) i was determined to do at least this. You can donate a 6 inch or 10 inch ponytail(..all you have to do is mail it in..) it goes to provide hair replacements for cancer patients. I have had many people in my life that meant a lot to me die of cancer and i saw them go through the painful expereince, all losing their dignity in the sense of hairloss. They hated it and wore their do-rags when they were alone in their homes wondering if it would ever grow back or if they would die first. I also weep everytime i here thesong sara beth by Rascal Flats and think of young girls losing their hair. 
I PRAY THAT HOPELESSNESS DOES NOT HAUNT YOU OR THOSE YOU LOVE, BUT THAT INSTEAD TO DIE IS GAIN! That the release into the eternal presence of a loving GOD is something that you long for. As i was challenged today in a sermon to practice daily a desire & intimacy with God that makes death a consumation of a long awaited union and ultimate satisfaction.
All that said i have researched a few cuts and would love your input on which one best suits me and my face appt is in two weeks so i have time to read through all your thoughts!

Yes, i know they are all very similar...