Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Day in the Life

HOORAY!!!! Brennan and I have been working on potty training. By saying both of us i mean BOTH. At first i had to set a timer to remind myself to ask him if he needs to go then i had the brainy idea that i should just put him on the potty while i go...hmm the stuff i can come up with to methodiize motherhood...a timer??really?? yes. welcome to my OCD-ness and years of training as a teacher whose job was to plan plan plan for success. Yes i used the timer A LOT in the classroom too!
Tonight at dinner Brennan looked at me and said "poo poo" then Ben (having learned from previous experience just how quick this took place) RAN him to the toilet. Brennan then commenced to poop an enormous poop all by himself! (not that anyone can help, but you get what i mean!)
Last Thursday Ben and i had our pastoral interview and on the way home he mentioned his cough was lingering and he wasn't feeling too good (for those of you that didn't know or read the blog-Ben had the flu about a month ago). That night he felt that it was returning and with more fierceness than before..he had a fever and all the symptoms. I tried not to panic and kept myself and the kids away. PRAISE GOD and what an expression of His Grace -we have not gotten it!!!!!!!!!!! I have felt kind of yuck. I ran a fever a little, and have had a teeny sore throat, but not too bad. We have been little cabin feverish though trying not to get sicker by playing in the cold and going out where we are exposed to more or expose others..
My mom headed up this way when she thought i might be getting sick and though i felt fine she came and stayed the day. Knox had his 2 month shots today so she stayed with Brennan for me.
I have been thinking for liek a week now that i couldn't wait to blog and there were 500 things i wanted to say, but now i am so tired that i can't think of til i can.. of the things i wanted to say was that i had to cancel the hair cut last Friday so thats why there is no picture..BUT it IS rescheduled for THIS Friday! HOORAY!