Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I Love the FALL! i think its because i grew up with a yard full of vibrant maple trees that came ablaze each autumn. Our family had friends drive from all over to visit each October...its a bittersweet season though, because although beautiful its short lived and is a sign of death.. (oops that sounded morbid)..But it makes me think about all the seasons of life. Seasons of places and freindships and family.

I am at my parents visiting this week as Ben in in New Orleans at a Photography conference. It was better than some very long without-Daddy-days at home by myself! As i drove past my old high school its seems another life ago. I think about just the changes in friendships in this past year of my life and how the dynamics of a family change with each additional birth.

Right now its seems impossible for my sister and i to have a conversation with 4 little ones under 4 between us. But i can remember times where the last things i wanted to do was have a conversation with my sister..I laid in bed the other night walking through my elementary school years..each teacher & a memory from each year-friends and how our family looked back then. I am SO thankful for my family and the way i was raised. I see God's grace & favor throughout those years. His mercy for not giving me what i deserved in my self centered state and His grace giving me good thing after good thing..What a Father!!

I am working on concentrating on that-truly meditating on ways God has shown Grace to me on a daily basis. Recognizing that ANYTHING and ALL things GOOD come from Him. So here goes for yesterday and today:

1. Brennan took TWO naps yesterday.

2. Last night while my parents were at revival both boys got baths and went to bed with no problem.

3. I got to encourage my sister on a bad mommyhood day for her.
4. Knox slept til 5am this morning

5. Brennan woke up joyful

6. My mom cooked breakfst for us all

7. Our family friend Paul Harbison took Brennan for a walk to see the animals in Papa's absence this morning (he is doing the music for the revival) so i could nurse Knox

8. Knox was happy while i bathed Brennan & got him down for the night

9. I had a few minutes to restfully type with all of my brain engaged in what i was doing (SUPER RARE!) while everyone is at revival.

10. God has brought songs and scripture to mind to bless me the last few days