Monday, November 9, 2009


My day began with my son marking with permanent marker on our WHITE duvet cover on our master bed. Continued on to that same son finding my oversized Sharpie and marking on the computer, taking a nap three hours late (probably because he had a banana popsicle for breakfast!) thus pushing bedtime to an hour later. When i tried to read books for bedtime routine he simply went and got his shoes and mine and went to the door to our garage and said "go!" showing me that it was NOT time to sleep yet..And it ended with my newborn running a temp of 100.5.
BUT John 1:16 from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace
So today i celebrate that:
i had a car to put the boys in and drive til Brennan fell asleep
that i had a tredmill to get on and run the heck out of once he was asleep (to get out my frustrations)
that i did get to the grocery store
that i only had to spend 54 dollars on groceries
that Knox went to bed easy although not feeling well
that i have medicine for both boys
that my hubby cleaned up the kitchen
..and bathed both boys
that while they were napping i got to catch up on Bible study AND shower
that supper was a bake-for- an-hour hassle free
that i got to have some computer time cacthing up with friends