Friday, December 4, 2009

Big Brother Little Brother

I am so thrilled that Brennan has begun to enjoy Knox. The last couple of days have been precious to watch. I managed to get a few moments on camera and thought i would share:
Here is Brennan crawling to read to Knoxie.
He would open a book, close it and then say "the end" was PRECIOUS!! However in one book he did say hop hop when there was a bunny, so maybe he knows more than i think..And yes..he has on a necklace, his "melmo" underwear, socks-no pants and a shirt that he was wearing for the 2nd day in a row!

So here is the story. I got out the Bumbo the other day to see if Knox was ready for it and Brennan found the new special seat quiet exciting. Today i put Knox in it while i was doing some stuff and Brennan came to me with his sad face and said "knox". Like he was tattling on him for being in the chair. I went to him and said 'you don't want Knox to sit in the Bumbo?' he looked confused..'you don' t want Knox to sit in the special chair?' 'huh,' he says, (his version of uh huh) 'you want a special chair?" i say. Yes he says!! So i take him to his room to his little chair that he rarely sits in and explain: 'This chair is too big for Knox, its too small for mommy and daddy, but its JUST right for you! (feeling a little like Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears..) I tell him its the chair mommy and daddy bought for him when Knox was born so that he would know he was special. That he is the ONLY one in our family who can sit in this chair right now and that makes it special. 'Its Brennan's special chair' i say. Then i asked him if he wanted to sit in it and BOY was he excited! Then, sweet thing...he pushed it over to the office where Knox was, right beside him and sat down. Like "hmph, my special chair, Knox special chair.." Don't you LOVE IT!?!