Friday, December 18, 2009

Illness and medicine

DIDN'T BEN DO A GREAT GREAT JOB ON OUR NEW HEADER??!! Those are all pictures he took in our most recent shoot..
Poor Brennan's "I don't feel good face"

All our medicine!!!!!
Lots of tv time till daddy gets home this is how i have survived my sinus infection while Brennan has endured his double ear infection.

This is not how i would choose to spend the days between Thanksgiving & Christmas. I would much rather be baking and listening to Christmas carols and settling down with hot cocoa and the reruns of timeless Christmas shows at night. 
BUT...instead i have been wiping noses and giving medicines.  I have truly been in survival mode day in and day out. I have a severe sinus infection, Brennan has a double ear infection & Knox has the croop. We have enough medicine here to start an apothecary! When Ben asked if i had a good day yesterday i simply responded "no one went hungry"...
So for Christmas all I want it for us to be healthy again and out of survival mode!!
May you and yours enjoy the holidays!!