Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Unwrap-able Christmas Gifts

Un wrap able gift #1: time with my family at my parents. Also ( #2) My mom and dad kept the boys while Ben and I took our first date since Knox was born. We went to Amsterdams in Auburn & then to see Blind Side! What an AWESOME present!!!
#3: A visit from some of my favorite people in the world- The Brown family. They are some of the most influential people in my life and i will always consider them family. Here is Jacy and Janie. I remember when both of them were born...i feel like I'm getting older.However the check out guy @ Walmart today (who was like 65) said that i didn' t look a day over 18. Thank you Mr. Walmart scanner man!!!
Here is Julie holding my baby Knox! Wow we dreamed of these days together!
And the famous Roger Brown!  A VERY special man in my life. Helped me learn to eat peanut butter, pop tarts, watch the Braves and drive a truck! (not all at the same time!)

MORE ON UNWRAP ABLE presents to come....