Sunday, October 31, 2010


Speaking of..its that time for me and if i am even still very long i will fall asleep-on any given day at any given moment of quietness and stillness which is rare!
However, this post is not about my bedtime but yours or rather your children's.. For all you momos out there:
1. what time do your kids go to bed?
2. do they take a nap (or more than one)?
3. at what point did they stop taking naps completely?
4. did they/do they fight you at nap or bedtime?
5. what do you do about it (spank etc)?
6. how did you know it was time to stop naps?
7. if they miss a nap are they irritable?
8. are they semi- mostly pleasant before nap?
9. is it worth the fight for nap if they go to bed earlier (i.e. more time for you to rest or spend w. hubs)
10. what is  your bedtime routine?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the highlight of my year so far

May I preface this with saying there is no amount of time or words to say what Ish and Amber mean to us (and will continue to as time goes by). Ish is Ben's college roomate, bff, work partner and some thought more..haha..Amber lived across the hall from me my freshman year of college. Ben graduated my freshman year and left me (his main girl) and Ish (his main boy) behind..8 LOOOONNNG hours away. We mourned together. Seriously. That is what it was like, we would sit around talking about him and how great he was...(and is). About a year ago i got a message from Amber asking what i knew about a guy named Ismael Pruitt that had requested to be here fb friend. She saw that he was friends with Ben and I and wanted to know more. Meanwhile Ish calls me and Ben wanting to know more about Amber and just how he missed her in college..the rest is history. Their wedding was a blast from the past as our UM worlds collided. It was such a gift to be around some people we love so much that we know love us!

Our friend Heather McElligot looking beautiful..miss you Mills! Come see us again soon!
And Brennan & Layla hit it off well as you can see..How couldn't they? Christina and I always have more than a little in common!! We stayed up til 1 am the first night of the wedding festivities livin like the old was a true gift from GOD..that girl brings me massive happiness!!

The Bedsole Girls...(girls who lived in Bedsole dorm at University of Mobile)..Includeing my freshman roomy great it was to see you and give you hugs! and meet Heidi!!
The Pruitt/Finch families!! Can you tell our kids were past tired?

My ever so handsome husband sporting a bowtie for the first time in his life...he will do anything for as best man for his ISH...aka his "first wife". I am so thankful that rooming with Ish helped prepare him for life with me..the affection, the neediness--haha, the minimalist-ness..
Thank you dear friends for letting us be such a sweet part of this weekend..It blessed us so so much and has been my most favorite, wonderful part of the year!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

tribute part 2

So today i am going to be telling you about some the most talented man i know. 
His name is Ben, he is my husband. 
He started playing soccer at 3. He was a athletic legend by 16 and was known as Boomer at Mcminn County High School were he was punter and set field goal records. He turned down the road to fame in college though he was offered numerous SEC scholarships..and went to University of Mobile on a soccer scholarship where he could be in the game longer.. (I claim that God did that so that we could meet.. :)
In college he was known by all as the most geniune, compassionate, on-fire-for-God guy they knew. He was leading worship at several on campus praise meetings, and although he was gifted then, God has grown him into an amazing, Spirit-led worship leader. He takes any believer in ear shot of his voice into the presence of God when he leads. He prepares the hearts of listeners..i would rather hear him lead worship than anyone else...even all those famous guys that i don' t know their names..BUT what is even crazier is that when he opens God's Word and speaks a prepared lesson, he is such  a great teacher too! He thinks differently than the average pastor..he is not cliche, he almost doesn't know normal (or maybe i know normal too well...i was at the Souther Baptist Convention EVERY year birth to 18!!!!) At first i didn't think that was a good thing about him, but now i see it has been refreshing to hear someone who is non-religious and 100% geniune. 
And i haven't even touched on his eye for the is bewildering to me. When we first married i didn't think he should have an opinon about where to hang a picture-that was my job-but i began to see that he sees things differently- he is REALLY good at recognizing what looks well or balanced. When we are out together sometimes i am amazed at what he sees or will choose to take a picture of. He bring it home and it will be art..worthy to be sold in a museum..
And how he captures brides & weddings..i tell him all the time i wish he could have done our wedding photos...but i am glad and would rather that he be my groom!
So the ever talented-started-his-own-business Ben never ceases to amaze me at what he can do...i want to say that line from Sound of Music to him all the time but he doesn't know the movie..."my dear is there anything you can't do?!"

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tribute to my husband part 1

I am making this a 2 day event...there is that much to say!
Sooo, i was thinking of how many women i knew who complained about their husbands, and how out of the average couple, its usually the guy complimenting the she is such a good cook, or how good looking she is etc..but RARELY rarely, do a hear a lady brag about her man..
I have a theory of why..most women believe they work twice as hard as their husbands, that they are not appreciated, that "its about time he HELPED me".. I tend to struggle with those things too, BUT i want to take this time to do what i do not do often enough...
My husband is grand. If you have ever been a stay at home mom, you know the feeling of being 'trapped by these four walls', you know what its like to go to church on Sunday and that be the first time you have left your house for months, other than to go to the grocery store...
One of the first things that drew my attention and my heart to Ben was (& still is) his humility! Two years ago he stepped down from a predictable salary position at a church because he needed to get his heart mended with the Father's. He started his own business and although he had a fabulous office space downtown in a great location, he brought his work home to save us $500 a month because we had a 'surprise' baby Knox. He has spent the last two years building his businesses and is more familiar with my stay at home mom world than any dad i know. He knows more about nap scheduling than the NASDAQ and is happier to read God's word than the Harvard Business review or the New York Times. He is the GREATEST helper to me, although that is my biblical calling. I feel it a constant challenge to keep up with helping him near the same amount he helps me. A lot of days he comes in for lunch and watches Knox while i put Brennan down. He often helps straighten the house after the kiddos are in bed, or read a book or color a picture with them. He helps get them in their chairs for dinner and plays with them while i clean up the mess afterward. Almost every night without fail he bathes them both.
Any of this is done ontop of a full day of scheduling photo shoots, editing photos, making appointments, designing or editing websites, & all that comes with owning and operating your own business. His background is not the usual work environment of ringing phones, air conditioners humming, assistants chattering..NOPE its babies crying or the washing machine acting up..maybe some screaming or the smoke detector.. He doesn't get encouragement or promotions anywhere other than heaven, and boy are they deserved. He is absolutely laying up his treasures in heaven. He is patient and kind with me after a long day with the boys, he listens to me with concern, and prays for me.
He is amazingly talented and gifted in A MILLION different ways..more about that tomorrow. If you know my man and you are reading are probably nodding your head. And if you have a hubs out there that you forgot why you love him, take a sec and jot it down for him...he needs to hear it. Trust me..because most likely he feels like he works hard at a job that you know nothing about, that he is not appreciated and that he would enjoy some help from you in the areas he needs it ask him what that is..
I say all of this to tell you that i am not a good encourager. I am working on that. And to say that the reason i have found that i do not encourage him more is because my thoughts are spent on myself and how someone needs to encourage me..