Friday, December 31, 2010

And the winner is...

I tried and tried to figure out how I was going to "announce" this.. considering all of you are my dear friends, I want all of you to know that you are amazing and motherhood + anything is challenging, so what you have accomplished in keeping cleaner homes is terrific and no doubt God glorifying!
The catch that got the winner the winner was this quote "My husband said that he feels more respected and he has praised me all month for my hard work"...that ladies and gentlemen is a beautiful thing! Not to mention I want you to hear the little trials she has experienced and still accomplished much
"This month has thrown several snags our way, but none-the-less I've tried (and given myself grace per your instructions.) Here's what has happened: the hot water heater element went out which affected dish washing, clothes washing, and tub scrubbing; the vacuum spent 2 weeks in the shop - $80 later, the carpet was saved; the washing machine - oh, the washing machine! - has begun pouring gallons of water out of the back...not sure how long this has been going on, but we haven't gotten it fixed yet. "

I will include one and one only before and after pic that i felt was most indicative..or not..i have tried for 20 minutes to get it to work and my hubs is sleeping and i will not wake him for such a trivial question...

CONGRATULATIONS my dear E...and all the other 5 contestants!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen its the FINAL day for the CLEANING competition. Please take all your 'after' pictures and have them submitted via email by tomorrow noonish (Wow that sounds so official! Just trying to make it fair and even..)
I am so excited for all of you competitors and i am trying to figure out a way to treat you all!
I pray your holidays were BLESSED and I wish a new year full of clean houses to all of you!

Monday, December 13, 2010


it is not my favorite...
Brennan has coined this phrase and it is now a classic at our house..He says its about food, naptime, blankets, underwear...
Well winter is not my favorite. However, it does increase my heart rate because i RUN everywhere i go. Ben and I had a sitter this afternoon for a brief 2 1/2 hours while we did some Christmas shopping. I think we are now finished. But Ben got a hoot out of my little legs scooting swiftly as we bustled from shop to shop..
The only things i like about winter are wool socks, leggings and FIRES!!!!!
I don't like dry skin, sickness..well we won't make that long list..but i am very aware that winter can be someones favorite tell me..why do you like winter?? Maybe it will help me like it too.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Okay stay at home moms....this is for you whether veteran, first timers or somewhere in the middle...WHEN and HOW do you build in breaks for yourself?
I am aware and convicted by the high calling of motherhood. It is all about SELFLESSNESS and SACRIFICE and nonstop SERVING! 
I also know we are human and weak and must depend on Christ's strength and Holy Spirit power to get through each day..but what do you do for rest for your SOUL? Not just time in the Word or at church but otherwise?
I remember talking to my friend last year and she had an almost 3 year old and had not had one night "off" since she was sitter, no one else putting her to bed...Part do me feels that can be unhealthy..a child getting so expectant of the same and unfamiliar with other adults they can trust. 
I am blessed to have had my mom give us some awesome breaks this year (like an 8 day vacation without kids!) and they go to mothers day out 2 days a week, however i am working at an elementary school with someone else's kids on those days...and i come home to an occasionally  overwhelming amount of house work that did not get done that day...
I tend to lean towards legalism in the area of work or word of warning to you aspiring cleaning can get out of hand...but also just the day in and out of keeping house and home sound with 2 little ones...
So although i am sure some of you are laughing at the thought of a break, just like me..what can we do about it??????

Friday, December 3, 2010

Family Update..FUN FACTS

There are just some neat things happening at our house that i thought i would share..

1. We have hardly bought any new furniture for our house since we've been married..God has graciously supplied very nice furniture for us through family though. We have never complained and are very thankful for what we have.
Ben decided to try for some bartering with a recent client who sells furniture. His office was pretty bare..we were looking for a small sofa or something along those lines..long story short.Ben decided to take our current sofa and try it in his office. He liked it..AND he ordered new furniture for our living room!! may i just say that it is the MOST beautiful sofa ever!!!!! Oh and Ben also painted our den..something we have wanted to do since we moved in THREE years ago..its looks great..a little darker than either of us thought but...
Pictures coming soon i promise, but my camera is still broken and its my dinky camera phone or Ben's big daddy

2. Ben has a friend from high school that happens to be our dentist, who happens to love photography (& does it as a hobby), who happens to have his pilots liscence. Last night he called Ben to see if he wanted to fly to South Carolina and have they did. They left from our little Athens airport at 8:45 with all of us waving them off like it was a party! He got home at 1:30..HOW COOL IS THAT??! We both stop is Tallassee more 6 hour trips with two babies! Stay tuned to his blog for pics!

3.  During our Thanksgiving vacation Ben's dad called asking if we were interested in a Yukon that his cousin was selling..he said he was going to offer him a GREAT price..if he took it we could turn around and buy it or he would sell it and make a profit..he does this stuff a lot..He brought it back after the holiday and we checked it out from A-Z. 
Let me BACK UP and say that Ben and i have been praying for a while about the fact that one more child would put us over the edge in the vehicle world..its already tight with 2 carseats, 2 diaper bags, 2 suitcases, not to mention a stroller or a couple of Christmas presents..or imagine a trip to the beach!
So when we thought through all of this we felt like it was God supplying a need for us..and we bought it..well we are in the process of making payments. 
Its a 2001, its white..leather seating..seats 8 comfortably..its funny the specific things that i prayed for about a new vehicle were: newer than 2000, leather seats, able to fit 3 or more carseats (twins run in the family..both sides..)

NOW may i take a second to say that i know that there is NO WAY that ANY of this could happen without a GOOD God who knows us and loves us and works things out just to bless us sometimes. He knows our needs better than we do, he knows our needs before we even ask..I am aware that He is Giver of the good and the bad and that He also knows when or if i need trials in my life too. Those may come tomorrow..and if they do His grace is sufficient..but for now i am just thinking how much he loves us..and of his undeserving riches he has blessed us with.WHY after all the ingratitude and selfishness that i can have in my heart??!!
Also i want to send out this disclaimer to all you anxious mommies..NO ONE can explain how we have lived for 7 years under the blessings we have financially. Sure last year was by far the most strenuous, but God is taught us so much through it..and is still teaching us..From the days of pre-marriage counseling we discussed how we both desired that i stay home with children when they came at least until they started school. In fact we saved each penny of my paychecks all 5 years i taught so that we never got dependant on a 2nd teach us to live with the future in mind..
When Knox came, because of bad insurance that nest egg was wiped out...between that & Ben starting 2 new businesses. 
BUT God has faithfully supplied for us through various means. We have tried to handle each financial decision with integrity and debt free. We have never missed a bill. Our outflow on paper is often higher than our income..BUT God is faithful. No math can explain it..The only way any of this is possible is b/c of His riches. 
If you walked in our home you would have no clue our annual salary..You would most likely be sorely mistaken! 
All we know is that somehow, someway..we've made it. And we believe that someway is God's faithful provision!!