Friday, January 1, 2010

Unwrap-able presents part two

Ben and I decided not to give each other gifts this year. For the past two years my parents have given my sis and me $100 at Thanksgiving and told us our gift to them would be to tell how we used it. Three contingencies: 
1. it couldn't be spent on ourselves.  
2. It had to be used by Christmas 
3. We had to give with the knowledge of why we were giving (Christ being the ultimate gift and the reason we have all good things)
So this year we did this 'project' and were motivated to do some other similar projects on our own.  
I have many days where i seemingly live for Ben to come home at 5-5:30 because i have had our little rascals alone all day and am worn out. Often my mind drifts to single moms and how they make it. Surviving much less instilling Biblical lessons and showing a joyful, serving, loving attitude towards them. So we supported a single mom and her son with groceries, warm gloves and hats, clothes for the little boy and a new blanket. We wrote a letter telling him (he is a 3rd grader) about Christ being the ultimate gift. 
We were inspired by our little Brennan to do something for the "sanitation engineers" (aka garbage men) in our community because he literally LOVES trash day and we follow the truck through three different windows as he makes the circle around our neighborhood. When they dump our can he throws them kisses and waves with a huge grin on his we gathered cookies and treats from surrounding neighbors and gave them hot fresh cocoa and homemade bread when they arrived the week before Christmas. Also writing them a letter showing gratitude and sharing about Christ being THE gift!
I do not proclaim these 'good deeds' for our own glory but to share with you (men/humans/ humanity) our Light so that God in Heaven get glory (Let you light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16)
See, God has been so amazingly good to us that we had parents to encourage God's work in our lives. So good to have blessed them and us financially so that we were able to use money to give to those in need. So good to have sent Himself in the form of Jesus to live a life so perfect so that our imperfections could be forgiven, that Jesus received God's wrath for me so that i know it not!!!  ALL good things come from Him. So, as you walk this day and start this new year, look for GOOD things and then, dwell on the fact that they came from God and what an INCREDIBLE God he must be!