Saturday, January 2, 2010

Four Things

There are four things that its okay to be big on a girl:
1. The obvious (BOOBS!)
2. Lips (some women have even had implants in those!)
3. Eyes/Eyelashes (commonly known as a positive description)
and 4. Butt
You know the song... Not to mention that hips are a womanly characteristic. 
Well. Friends I have none of the above!! And today i have post-baby-butt. I don't know what that means to most people but for me it means all my pants look like whoever lived there 'hauled up and went packin'!! In other words empty, moved on, shallom and goodbye- no longer there!! It happened with Brennan too. Don't know what it is. Once I've gone like 3-4 months without having a prego belly, my body seems to loose any shape at all. I mean literally. I have had to buy new underwear!
(For any of my male readers i apologize for sharing details that are probably not very appropriate or interesting to you).
One of my friends said that its okay as long as i don't get a "front butt". (Don't act like you don't know what i'm talking about!) It happens to a lot of women. They fasten their pants and its like below the waist in the front is what is as big as what is below the waist in the back. 
I am aware of the dangerous importance placed on body image in the U.S. Its so sad and ridiculous. Women paying for and starving themselves when most women in other countries are not identified by their body or their jobs, but are simply trying to survive.
That moves me to another 'rant'...i was thinking today as i changed my baby-that-caused-me-to-have-no-butt how in America we have warmers for the wipes we use on our babies' behinds!! Seriously???!!!! We have an enormous void of what needs truly are here don't we??? I am currently reading the book "Jesus Freaks". It is full of testimonies and stories of martyrs who have lived and died for Jesus. They know need, they know want, they are not worried how their butts look in jeans. They have their head on straight and full of right thoughts.
So Dear Lord, in all seriousness, change my heart and mind that i might find my delight in your law and meditate on it day and night Psalm 2.

Good news & Bad news..

The good news is that Knox has now moved to 4 hour increments between feedings!!! Hooray. This may not sound like a big deal to you unless you are a nursing mom. Now i can go to church and back without having to nurse in the car! (which yes, i realize is illegal!)
Bad news..we have a sewage leak. Thought it was something else, but now we get to deal with this smell until Monday when AUB is back at work!! YUCK~!