Thursday, January 7, 2010


Is this the dream I thought it would be
when i was 9 or 6 or 3?
I played dress up and clothed my dolls
I dreamed of a husband while my friends went to malls
Yes this was all God's plan for me.

In high school friends dated and wasted their time
I babysat late and and saved every dime. 
Frugality was something I learned from my mother
along with prayer and great love for another.
Yes this was all God's plan for me.

While friends at college stayed up late on projects
i did my work and dreamed of what's next. 
I had prayed for years for this husband of mine
That year God taught me He is the Husband Divine.
Yes this was part of God's plan for me.

Finally i met him, this man among men
and began living the dream about right then.
I'd watch him hold children and care for old women
attraction not quite, but indeed a good friend.
Yes that was God's plan for me.

Praise Him that the physical was not what began
my love for this handsome, excelling young man.
No indeed, God is smarter than that
He knows that we're dust and that beauty won't last.
Yes that was God's plan for me.

Life began, the one that is hard
through bad situations we were on guard. 
Work for us both saving all that was 'mine'
to stay home with kiddos further down the line.
Yes that was God's plan for me.

Baby number one came with great pain.
Soon i would find out i was pregnant again!
This one was easier, not quite as scary
Boy was i glad for this man that i married.
Yes that was God's plan for me.

Money got tighter and so did our home
days are spent cleaning and never alone.
Toys everywhere and laundry galore
And the thought that one day i would still have more?
Yes that was God's plan for me.

So when or how or what we will do
God's plans for me will still continue.
Back to work mommy or stay at home
don't know how, but I know You'll provide
For you have been always Faithful and true by my side.
Yes, You O God have a plan for me.

"Yes that was God's plan for me" one day i will say
as i look back on this soul searching day.
I don't know what's next but i know I'll be fine
It will all turn out as I'm patient with time.
Yes that is God's plan for me.