Friday, January 8, 2010


Ours is an undisciplined age. The old disciplines are breaking down...Above all the discipline of divine grace is derided [ridiculed] as legalism or is entirely unknown to a generation that is largely illiterate of the Scriptures..
V. Raymond Edmond
The Disciplines of Life

My new years resolutions have to do with being more disciplined myself..keeping the diaper bag organized, couponing & encouraging my hubby more, reflecting and recording God's grace and provision more etc..I also want to be more careful to train my little man to have a heart that knows how to obey. That He may understand that God sent Jesus for our disobedience is a HUGE challenge. The Proverbs talk about discipline a lot and i find much encouragement in them..
Proverbs 29:15/17
Discipline your son, and he will give you rest; he will give delight to your heart.The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother.
What are your new years resolutions??

Her careful response..

At what age did u begin discipline through spanking or do you spank at 18mnths? 
We began spanking with the rod whenever it seemed like they knew they were defying us.(one child was young like 12 months maybe, others have been closer to 2)  It's tricky I know, it's gotten somewhat clearer now that we've been through it with 3 little ones, but it's still hard to discern with each child.  But, initially we might do a little swipe swipe on the arm or hand if they did a "no, no" on the spot.  Like if I said, "You may not throw your food off the table."  And then, they blatantly did it, I might say, "That was a no, no" and give them a little spank spank on the hand or arm... Then, when you're ready to move into the "rod days" one thing that has served us is just picking one or two issues to focus on.  
For example:  I remember with our firstborn, our first thing was that we didn't want him pulling the dirt out of this fake tree pot we had.  So, we first trained him on this....telling him no, spanking his hand, and telling him that if he disobeyed mommy and daddy, we were going to give him a correction.  Once it was clear that he understood, I would begin to spank him if he did that.  After a few days or weeks of this, he began to obey when I would say not to touch the dirt.  
Wow!  I couldn't believe it.  So, anyway, taking it one or two issues at a time helped me to be clear on what I was spanking for and it helped me to be faithful to spank since I wasn't doing it for every thing at once.  
It also gave me faith for the task because Mike and I would sit down and discuss what we were disciplining for and I could be clear on it, like, OK, my hubby(my leader) has lead me to do this, so I can be in faith for it(when it gets hard or sad or whatever).   We just talk and decide what it is that seems most pressing...or what area they need to be trained and disciplined in and then I just try to stick to that until we see some change and then we move on to another issue.   We love shepherding a childs heart stuff, and I have really benefited from just reading one Proverb a day and writing down any verses about the rod or discipline that I find there.  I can't believe how many there are.  God used that practice in my life for a season to really give me faith for the disciplining task..and show me that it was His good will for me.  I hope that's helpful.   
As far as gospel truths to 18 mo.  You know, my understanding is that disciplining them simply and clearly at this age will cultivate respect in their hearts for you and enable you to preach the gospel to them as they can understand better.    Bill and Cheri Kittrell served us and helped us see that it shouldn't be a long discussion at this young age, but instead a, "Go to (designated place of spanking) Help them to see how they disobeyed, give them their spankings, lead them through saying they are sorry they disobeyed and have them to ask you to forgive them, we affectionately forgive them and then we head out to go on with the day) theory...hehe... 
One gospel centered thing we like to say, that seems easy for a young mind to grasp is...(after you've lead them through asking your forgiveness) ...saying ."Yes, I forgive you!  It's EASY for me to forgive YOU!  Do you know why it's easy for me to forgive you?  Because Jesus Christ (the perfect ONE) has forgiven me a sinner.  So if He could forgive me...then I most certainly can forgive you!  I say this countless times in a day.  It's good for my heart and theirs.  

Words of Grace for Parenting

Friends, may I introduce a huge blessing in my life.  As far back as I can remember those around me have looked to me for spiritual advice. Being from a pastor's home, loving God, being in His Word regularly, friends came to me even in high school. 
Then I marry a marvelous man, who happens to be called to ministry himself. I immediately assume the role of minister's wife and we have others coming to us (though very young, inexpereinced, and naive) for advice. God was gracious to protect us and lead us through that time. 
AND NOW He has called us out of vocational ministry and into a period of growth, discipleship, and refreshment. We are attending (seemingly uninvolved comparitively) a church called Cornerstone Church of Knoxville. It has SOOO been a gift from a Good God. The likemindedness and love for God in the people there has TRULY blessed us.
The College Pastor Mike Plewniak and his wife Elizabeth invited us to dinner in their home recently. Watching them with their four kiddos was such a treat. Ben and I immediately connected with them and saw wisdom beyond their years(Proverbs 1:4)
All of us desire to give ALL glory to our Great GOD!! He is THE ONLY ONE worthy of praise about all of this!
This is a question i asked to Elizabeth in an email and here is her careful response. May it encourage  you~