Sunday, January 17, 2010

And i Waited

One Christmas morning said my 3 year of self:
"I want a blue house with stairs"
Mom and Dad thought i had lost it 
& knew what 'Santa' could afford 
So encouraged me to pray to a God much bigger than an elf.
And i waited.

One year later they were packing up 
and moving jobs and changing homes.
Disbelief was not what they had taught me, faith had been enough.
Teenage years came quicker than anyone could grasp.
Insecurity and braces, bangs and harder math.
Youth director and his wife guided my tender heart
'Pray for your purity, your mate, your future' was my instructed task.
And i waited.

High school came with proms and pressure
Friday nights alone, God's Word my hope secure
I wanted to be like everyone, yet knew HE had the cure.
Himself was all i needed-My Groom, my God, my hope.
I  met the man i'd prayed for but for three more years i coped.
And i waited.

We married and dreamed of children
Working long and playing hard.
He finished school, i got a job we moved & raised the bar.
Time to save our pennies, build our home and one more car.
I was ready, but we must save-he said we must be smart.
And i waited.

Baby came then oh one more-that year then the next.
Days get long without a break or a solid stretch of rest.
Diapers, potty time, naps and tons to wash
Conversation seems impossible i say to myself "Gosh!"
Will this season last forever.
And i waited.

I will say one day in just a blink of an eye
Where did those days go? They seemed to just fly by!
But for now i must learn to be the wife and mom of two
learning about my role at home, discipline and marriage too.
Needing God to guide me and strengthen me this task impossible..
So i wait.

And i waited.. i will tell my child
In years and years to come.
'How did you survive it Mom?' they'll ask.
'I cannot seem to bear my load' they say amidst their task.
Lift up your soul to God alone-show Him your heart of stone
and He will mold it make it new- after it is broken make it strong.
And i waited till He made that true in that child of mine
and as i look upon him i will say 'it is for THIS 
I waited!'

And i waited.