Sunday, January 24, 2010

Knox debut

I am learning to use the videos on the blog and teh other day i had a momemt when Brennan was  asleep & i was able to enjoy my Baby#2. You may think me crazy to post this little video bu ti love his little voice & he was really going before i ran to get the camera..but i did get some of him talking>>


Every night Ben bathes both our boys (which is SUCH a service to me!) This particular night Brennan wanted Knox to take a bath with him and as soon as Brennan saw his bare belly he did what his Daddy does to his and blew on it til it made that "pppphh" sound! It was hilarious both of the boys were laughing hysterically and so were we!

Ben has an old John Wayne doll from when he was a kid and the other day i walked into Brennans room and he was trying to undress him..concerned i asked why he was taking off his clothes & he said "shower" (except he can't say his R so it comes out more 'sowew') And he proceded to do just that and take him to our shower and brush his teeth and dry his hair!!

Brennan's new Kitchen stuff

If you are a mother of a child under 3 you know how challenging cooking dinner can be. My father in law bought this toy food for Brennan and his Aunt bought him a pretend stove at a garage sale. NOW...ladies and dinner is a lot less painful!

Brennan calls all knives, scissors, letter openers (anything sharp) "Ows" because i always tell him "no no that is sharp it can hurt you, ow!" He has an "ow" of his own!
Funny any time you ask him what he is cooking he says "EAGGS" and i mean with a super southern accent! LOoks like today they are scrambled! (maybe its because that is one of the only things he has ever seen Ben cook and he thinks that since he is a boy like Daddy that is all he should cook...we may work on that..)