Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How much can a 20 month old eat???

Today i felt like i was watching the Very Hungry Catepillar in action..."on Wednesday he ate through one bowl of cheddar grits, one banana, two pieces of toast..for lunch he ate a pimento cheese sandwhich and a pack of crackers..." and on and on! He ate a snack of a mini bowl of Cheerios around 3:30 and then ate two skewers of aloha chicken and broccoli cheddar rice for dinner!! Before bed he ate a graham cracker and 1/2 an apple with milk!  Guys I am serious!
He is such fun though! This morning when he woke up i got him out of his bed and he said "diaper- wet-change-you" In other words Mama change my diaper!  He is only wearing a diaper at nap and bedtime. He is totally grossed out by his own poop and was throwing his diaper way for me one day when it occurred to me that if he can throw his own diaper in the trash then he can go potty on the toilet..
Don't go thinking i am super mom FOR I AM NOT. God knew that i was dust and that i would be further insane (not to mention poor-er) with two in diapers! So He graciously gave me this son named Brennan who is a little bit like his Dad-o and likes things to be in order. He lines up his animals and his crayons and books and if even one book is upside down i the stack we have to turn it around when we are cleaning up
So here is a glimpse into my little man's life! (And covertly mine..)