Friday, January 29, 2010

SELF DENIAL -two words that are foreign to both my ears and my will
Not doing what pleases me usually makes me ill.
The Spirit's work in me is oh so slow
I cannot blame Him for its my sin i know.
That creeps up aver and over again
and quenches the work that He's doing within.

I try to be good and do what is right
But if i succeed in the day i fail in the night.
My thoughts may seem pure when i think them at first
but later emotions expressed show the worst.

I pretend that I'm good & choose what is best
i compare and contrast myself with the rest
"Not bad", I say under breath
"You might just be putting that sin to death".

But just seconds later i choke once more
for focus to shift knocks at my door.
 This game that i play oh why can't i win
My thoughts more onGod than looking within
Thought after thought i have of myself
so many to count or put on a shelf

But of God? And how to please Him?
You could put in your pocket or a jar with a lid.
They are scarce yes indeed
But His heart did yet bleed.
For all my vain thoughts all my conceit.
He took it with Grace to Calvary's hill
and paid the Great Debt, paid the Big Bill.

Now i am set free from what i deserve.
For all of my dreams of how others should serve.
Its all about me-this world of mine
BUT His mercy is big, His Grace is Divine!