Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So i haven't talked about my tutoring students much.. They are absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!!  I tutor on MOnday and Tuesday nights at 7:30. Knox goes to bed at 7ish. Brennan goes to bed around 7:15 sometimes as late as 7:45. So it works great..plus its $200 a month and i get to use my degree (and LOVE for teaching!)
I just have to tell you the stories from the last two nights! (Ben says that he loves to just listen to their lessons as i teach! :)
Monday nights are a little 4th grade girl who is absolutely darlin. She is small for her age, has long blonde hair, glasses and an ability to bundle layers and look messy while smelling of yummy laundry detergent and hard wood burning heaters..Last night i was working with her with her language homework. The assignment was to write a story using a realistic character from a previous book..I tried not to spew my drink when she said "How do you spell al-va-suden?" I told her to try her best, to say it out loud slowly and coached her 'all of a sudden?' i asked, but that is how she spelled it-"alvasuden"..Yes friends, she meant 'all of a sudden'!
Tonight i was tutoring a 5th grade student in History. He has radical wild hair that goes in every direction. He is very intelligent, mostly just lazy and unmotivated. He comes up with some funny stuff. Tonight we were talking about the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations. I was coaching him through what took place when the League of Nations. I said 'there had just been a World War, they wanted to form a way for countries to settle things in what kind of way?' He said 'treaty of versailles'..i said 'you are not even listening to me!'  I repeated the sentence four times-blank stare..Finally i said 'what is the opposite of war?'..he said 'not war'..i said 'Stop/go..off/on..war/?." Stil his answer..NOT WAR!! I laughed out loud and said 'dude, you're killing me'...war/ PEACE!!  It was just a clue to answer the bigger question of how they wanted to settle things." Please don't think i am mocking him or that he is incapable of intelligence. His dad is a medical doctor, who also has an engineering degree..his genetics alone prove that. He trully is smart. I believe it and have told him that MILLIONS of times. If you have any inspirational tips they are welcome.  I have been candid and creative to the inth degree..but i am not claiming perfection..(i didn't even pronounce Versailles correctly!)..Its just funny some of the things that come up. At the beginning of the lesson i was told that Arizona was one of the 7 continents! And that the continent we live on is Australia!
Gotta love my job!