Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brennan's pastimes

Playing the drums while Ben plays the 'tar'..
Using 'squeeze' (Handy manny pliers) to fix Knox's play station..
Walking a mile in mommy's shoes..
This is what happens when you turn on Elmo..


There once was a little girl who knew the two of these men. She never saw one without the other. Where there was Ben-there was Ish. They lived together, played together, laughed together, slep...well not really that. But Ish was jokingly called Ben's first wife by this little girl's daddy..Thus the name "Bish". Dear girl..
We were honored to have our dear buddy in for a visit and his (well not officially) wife to be (an old friend of mine from college strange enough!)

Brennan loved Uncle Ish-here he is wearing his hat..we usually tell Brennan only girls wear earrings..there goes that theory! Love you Ish (and sorry for the no make up pic Amba!)

Good for your heart

Valentines Day...What does that mean to you? What did it mean to you as a kid..before the days of thinking about your crush or spouse? For me it meant roses or a card from dear old Dad (my faithful Valentine for almost 18 years). It meant parties at school where homeroom moms brought red Koolaid, but MOSTLY and without fail it meant homemade heart shaped tea cakes! My mom makes these EVERY year of my life. I wish i had access to our old photo albums and could show you some pics of the past. One year we had a big Valentines day party at my house and all of me and my sister's friends dressed in 50's outfits and after school  they all came over for treats that of course, included these treasured cookies.
So today Brennan and i were walking through the kitchen and in the back of my mind i was contemplating what to do for his little Mother's Day out class. It was snowing and FREEZING. I had already gone to the store for the week but the party is tommorow. As if i needed a sign (and as if he read my mind) Brennan said "mommy, cook". So we got our butter, flour, sugar, vanilla, rolling pin, cookie cutter and just for the heck of it i put on an apron. Think it made me feel even more 1950's perfect homemaker-ish..anyway. Then Brennan and I embarked on our first addition of these blessed tea cakes. Here are some pics:

Little B helped in EVERY step of the process! Lately he LOVES to help cook..and he loves airplanes..we are thinking chef or pilot...hmm either way we get a pretty sweet deal-good food or quick travel!
Last batch..look closely-he wanted to put the last one on the pan (its a big ball of blob!)
Finished product: one happy little man!!!

Happy Valentines Day friends! How are you celebrating?