Friday, February 12, 2010

A few of my favorite things..

So I found the site southern hospitality through this photography blog..I have begun to visit those because of my husband's interest and gifting in this area (to chick his site click here).
Her site linked to several design sites and some where home decor.
Ben and I LOVE to design and decorate our home. We only dream of people consulting us for their home..more Ben than me. He is edgy and can be modern. I am more traditional and lean towards the antiques.
I wanted to share some of my favorite things about our home with you. I will save the story of how we got our amazing house for another post. For now here are some of my favorite things i look at every day:

Our master bedroom. No need for a headboard with these great windows.
Isn't this handmade cabinet built in our kitchen amazing? Perfect for all of Ben's books.

Here is our closet room. It used to be a washer room closet before the house was remodeled by the previous owner. Large enough for a twin ben mattress and frame that Ben and his dad built.
In the hall across from the boys closet playroom is a chalkboard that Ben & his dad built.
Gotta love those pastel bathroom tiles. We lucked out and this wallpaper i found online calmed down the pink a bit.
My favorite color has always been yellow, so i don't complain too much about the retro colors we were stuck with. But this behind the toilet cabinet is super unique and allows for a lot of storage in a super small bathroom.