Monday, February 15, 2010

House Story

So if any of my readers have known me very long then they most likely know the "Blue House with Stairs" story. Which i will briefly give the short version for those of you who do not know it. Then i will share the story of how we got the home we currently live in.
Blue House:
I was 3 years old. It was Christmas. My family lived in Dothan AL. My older sister got a blue dollhouse for Christmas, complete with stairs and everything. I told my parents I wanted a blue house with stairs. THinking that i was just a discontented 3 year old wanting anything i didn't have they said that next year i could ask Santa for one. Feeling misunderstood-my 3 year old self said 'No- a real blue house with stairs!' Half laughing, they told me that i 'needed to ask God about that' every night when we said our prayers, i would pray to God for a blue house with stairs. They didn't know exactly how to deal with me about that. Not too long after my dad was offered a job in Scottsboro Al. Happy in his current occupation, he declined..three times. On the fourth he consented to at least come. Long story shorter..we looked for homes for a day and a half. Nothing we saw interested any of us. Until the realtor said 'Well there is this one old house. It would need a lot of work..its..well' and as we pulled into the drive i jumped out of my seat "That's it!! Thats it that is the blue house with stairs!!!" (very Miracle on 31st street..i know i know..)
So..i grew up in that house and many of you may remember it. 
When Ben was offered a job here, in Athens Tennesssee, we didn't have much luck finding a house we could afford. There was this one house built in the year 1900. (The blue house was built in 1907, i became a wuss for old houses back then and never lost the thrill of a home with a past). It was for rent with the option to buy.  We moved in and i was thinking 'this is gonna be great' until we had a guy solicit us for x rated films, a neighbor knock on the door at 9pm asking if we had been 'hit' because 4 other homes on the block had been broken into..not to mention that it was easier to get in our front door with a credit card than it was with a we went looking for a better (uh..safer?..) area.
Not much luck until one day Ben picked me up from the school i taught at and brought me to this house. As we drove the one mile from the school i was thinking wow-good location..Then we went inside. The kitchen was yellow and the master bath was too. There was blue willow (a family favorite) in every we walked through it i was saying to myself "Don't get your hopes up this is more than you can afford.." The lady was the kindest, most gentle lady ever and very encouraging to us. We walked away downhearted once she told us the listed price though. Days later we recieved a call from her saying that someone else had put an offer on the house, but that she couldn't get us off her mind..didn't we want to come one more time? I was thinking 'no that is torture. We know that we can't afford it.' But my kindhearted, faith filled hubs insisted. 
When we got to the house she came to the door with eyes red from apparent crying. Not knowing her well or wanting to pry we didn't ask questions. She said "I'll just step out while you guys look around..take your time"  We had caught the reason she was selling. Her husband had passed from cancer recently, her mother's health was getting worse and she had decided to move in with her.  i assumed all of that was the possible reason for her red eyes..When she came back in though she said "Ya'll i have been sitting on this couch the last 2 hours praying and i just feel like you are meant to have this house. Flattered yet checked by the reality of our bank account, we declined any ability to act on that desire. So we were honest about that with her. She responded with "Well, what can you afford?" We asked what the monthly payments were which she didn't know because the house was paid off with her late husband's financial state. She said that she would work with us and whoa..were we elated! 
So not long after we moved into this home built in the 1950's. We have kept in touch with thesweet lady we bought this house from and she came to a baby shower that i had for a friend and toured it with our little changes here and there. With tears in her eyes she walked into Brennan's room and said 'I always thought this would be a great nursery..I am thrilled that you will raise your family here!"
And so are we!