Monday, February 22, 2010

More Favorites

So I have decided to devote Fridays to 'some of my favorite things'. I have heard of other blogs with Friday favorites so i will try to stay organized in my thoughts and commit to other things. I am thinking of organizing my blog days a little better..
For those of you that remember i have sorted my daily chores according to days of the week with alliteration. I am currently thinking of how much i need to add to that list but still rely on it for our home to semi-function. So if you have any suggestions i welcome them!! Mopping Monday- i sweep the whole house & mop. Tidy Tuesday-iron, dust, straighten up. Washing Wednesday-wash, dry, put away all dirties. Thorough Thursday-scrub bathrooms. Frugal Fridays-cut coupons, grocery shop.
I am considering the following things in revisions:
1. I need to plan the menu for the week before i cut coupons & shop but that is often hard to do all in one day. I am also thinking of how Brennan is at Mothers Day Out on Tuesdays and it is easier to shop with just one. (There is actually room in the buggy for the food!!)
2. With Brennan potty training we are needing to wash more often to have clean undies.
3. I need to think on a monthly basis too.

For now here are some more of my favorite things. Stay tuned for this Friday-I will post some more things. 

My laundry room has this great peg board wall!!

Our car DVD player. I couldn't get to my moms (5 hours away) without it!! Not a huge TV fan, but these were $95 for a double set and Ben had just sold a camera. Knox doesn't use his yet, but before long..
My hubby has recommened this to me-a "moleskin". It has my weekly grocery list, meal plan, calculation of money spent etc..
Both the recipe book stand and the recipe book.."Deceptively Delicious" check it out here.