Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday's Favorite

Hyland's teething tablets. They have been little drops from heaven for me with both of the boys during the many little teeth coming in. For some reason it really helps way more than orajel. I have tried humphrey's tablets as well, but those have to be dissolved in water first. These dissolve right on their little gums in instance and give great relief!
I have read that when they are teething its a little like we feel after drinking a lot of caffeine and then going to bed. We are very tired, we desire sleep, but feel restless..this helps the symptoms.
Maybe it will help some of you..

ADDY awards

Ben and I felt like such "big timers" the other week. Ben was invited to to ADDY awards because his business The Visible Group was awarded a bronze award for the design for the Athens Arts council brochure.
It was like being at a mini grammys or sculpture, 'wet bar' (is that the right term?) black tie, four course dinner..very fun..
As i sat down i said to myself "this is what Marilyn trained you for.." (UM's president's wife who taught etiquette classes in college). She would be proud- i crossed my knife and fork after finishing and everything!
Sorry there are not more pictures..we didn't want to look like tourists or anything...