Saturday, March 6, 2010

FOR my Mama

So 50 some odd years ago my sweet mom was born. I want to dedicate this post to her.
These past 2 years i have a new found respect for my mom as i have become one myself.
So for starters-thank you for changing a million of my diapers (cloth diapers might i add!!) And for nights of sleep lost, for teaching me shapes, colors, how to count and read (all before the age of 5!) Thank you for being patient with my strong will that began at 3 when i didn't want to wear"poofy" dresses!
Thank you for making me cookies, kissing my booboos and being home with me to care for my heart through the elementary years. Thank you for not sending me off to some 'School for Rebellious' when i turned 13! My 2 years teaching 6th graders showed me just how horrible those years must have been for you as i tested my independence.
Thank you for teaching me to pray for my husband and to guard my heart above all things during my teen years...for all those lessons in modesty and obedience, which i now know was just you obeying God's Word.
Thank you for all the millions of meals you've prepared, loads of dishes and laundry you've washed and ironed and folded and for keeping our home a haven and happy place.
Thank you for finally letting go in college and letting me learn of God and myself on my own...for letting me marry a man you didn't know much about.
Thank you for the furniture, the well stocked freezer and the clothes that you have contributed since i've been married.
Thank you for helping me with both my newborns, though doubtless my hormones were enough to scare you away!
Most of all thank you for allowing my journey into motherhood one for which i have been well prepared!
For the apologies-I am sorry that i didn't recognize what i had in you as a mother when i was at home, maybe that is just one of those things time teaches us..
I am sorry for words of disrespect in those preteen years.
I am sorry for wishing you worked outside the home so that we could have a nicer car, or clothes..what you gave me was priceless-security, identity, sacrificial love, comfort.
Happy Birthday Mama. I hope that i have many more years to learn from you!